Share the Hope of Jesus With Your Child This Christmas

A Christmas gift will bring the child you sponsor so much JOY!

We know, because you've seen it happen a million times before. Take Brus, for example. He lives in Colombia with his grandmother and brother. His grandmother struggles to provides for the boys throughout the year, but because of Compassion, she knows that Christmas will always be special.

Last year, Brus received a very special Christmas gift at his Compassion center.

As he began opening it, Brus said, "I hope to receive a pair of shoes." His pair was worn out and tattered. And as he pulled back the wrapping paper, he saw a brand-new pair of shoes! "They are beautiful!" he said, hugging the shoes to him before immediately putting them on his feet.

Even though Christmas will look a little different this year, you can still send a gift that will meet the needs of your sponsored child, while also bringing so much joy and hope!

Give the Best Christmas Gift Ever — Sponsorship.

Poverty tells children that they have no future. Sponsorship tells them otherwise. Sponsor a child today and give him or her the best gift ever — hope!

Sponsor a Child

Children in the Compassion program are up to 40% more likely to finish secondary education.
Compassion assisted children spend an average of 4,000 hours in safe, nurturing programs.
Children in the Compassion program are up to 75% more likely to become leaders in their communities.

Have questions about sending a Christmas gift during the pandemic?

We've got answers for you!

When you give a Christmas gift through Compassion, you can rest assured that it will be intentionally selected. A staff member who knows and loves your child will choose a thoughtful, personalized present specifically for him or her. The gift may fulfill your child’s dream of receiving a new doll, soccer ball or toy car. Or it will meet a critical need, like shoes, school supplies, toothpaste or even food for his or her family. Whatever gift is chosen for the child you sponsor, he or she will be reminded of the way he or she is intentionally loved by you.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Christmas will look a little different for many of us this year. At Compassion, the pandemic’s ongoing impact will affect how our global staff selects and distributes Christmas gifts to children in the program. But, despite the changes, we will not let this pandemic rob children of the joy and hope of Christmas. We will adapt to make sure that your child receives a meaningful Christmas gift. Here’s how …

  • In countries where the impact of COVID-19 is less widespread, our staff hopes to provide Christmas gifts the way they normally do. In this case, your donation will be used to buy a tangible, thoughtful gift and it will be given to the child you sponsor during a Christmas celebration at his or her child development center.
  • In countries and communities where COVID-19 quarantines are still being enforced, your gift will be given to your child directly and safely. For example, a staff member or volunteer may deliver the gift to your child’s home while wearing a mask and gloves.
  • For families facing critical needs, your gift may be delivered directly as cash. That way, your child’s caregivers can decide how best to use the money to provide for their family.

Christmas is the one time each year when every child in our program receives a gift — whether they’re sponsored or not. We’ll combine your gift donation with others to purchase gifts of equal value, so no one is left out. Your participation is vitally important to make this possible. When the gift is given to your child, he or she will be told that it is from you.

Around the world, Compassion staff is working hard to provide support to children and families wherever possible. While many child development centers are temporarily closed to group activities, that does not mean all programmatic activities and expenses have stopped. Your monthly support is still vital in this season. In some cases, partner church staff members are visiting homes to check on the welfare of children and their families. They may be delivering medical supplies, hygiene kits, extra food, water and other resources to help during this time of crisis. To learn more about how COVID-19 is affecting Compassion and the children we serve, please click here.

Make This Christmas Special for Your Sponsored Child

Give a Christmas gift today and provide hope for your child by meeting a critical need.