What Makes Compassion International Distinct?

Compassion International is a Christian child ministry that has been helping impoverished children for more than 60 years.

What Makes Us Distinct?

What Makes Compassion Distinct

7,000+ International Church Partners

Church Based

1,900,000+ Sponsored Children

Child Focused


Christ Centered

Our Commitment to Christ

Jesus is the core of our ministry and his life and teachings shape our programs. They reflect the spiritual commitments of our staff. And they guide how we love people, respect communities and cooperate with nations.

Our Commitment to Children

Child development through Compassion is all about the individual child. Each one receives the holistic care they deserve to realize their full, God-created potential in life. It is only through a careful blend of physical, social, economic and spiritual care that a child can fully mature in every facet of life and transcend a legacy of poverty.

Our Commitment to the Church

Compassion partners with indigenous local churches for effective child development. We believe the strategic placement of local churches makes them best suited to address the holistic needs of the children in their communities. And only they can effectively deliver the Jesus-based teaching and whole-life care that children in poverty deserve.

Beyond our three Cs, we further affirm a commitment to integrity with the following.

Our Commitment to You

We affirm these commitments to each person that sponsors a child with us.

Our Commitment to Child Protection

In support of Christ's mandate to care for and protect His little ones, we are committed to safeguarding children in our programs from all forms of abuse and exploitation.

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