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a girl writes a letter to her sponsor
Who Helps Children Write Letters?

Meet the dedicated tutors who ensure children can send heartfelt messages to their sponsors.

Child reading his letter
What Happens When You Send a Letter to Your Sponsored Child?

Delivering sponsors’ letters to children requires dedication from some amazing partners around the world.

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80 Writing Prompts

These writing prompts will get you started on your next message to the child you sponsor. You'll never feel stuck about what to write again!

A girl reads a letter
Why Write? How Letters Impact Children

God uses sponsors' letters to draw children close to himself. Here's inspiration for why and what to say to the young person you sponsor.

Weslin holds letters from his sponsors
3 Things Your Sponsored Child Wishes You Knew

Children in Latin America and the Caribbean share what they wish their sponsors knew and how much their words, prayers and gifts mean to them.

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7 Words Every Child Needs to Hear

Words shape children. That’s why it’s crucial that our words bring life, hope and encouragement.