Sending a gift is a powerful yet simple way to make a big impact in the life of your sponsored child. And there are many ways to give! For example, you can send a birthday gift on your child’s special day or send funds to provide for the critical needs of your child’s family or center.

One Gift Changed Everything for Alice’s Family

As one of 11 children, Alice and her entire family lived in a tiny one-room makeshift home, with only sticks and tarps for protection. Because of unsafe shelter, Alice saw her brother die after being exposed to the elements.

After Alice’s sponsors visited and saw the conditions of her home, they gave a family gift her father used to build a new home for the family. Now, with safe shelter, Alice and her family are thriving.

Alice is standing in a wooden doorway, with her hands on each side of the doorposts. She is wearing a black shirt. She is smiling.
Send A Personal Gift

For most children living in poverty, special occasions like birthdays and Christmas are just another day of hardship. Gifts are simply out of the question for many poor families. Send a personal gift “just because” or for a special occasion.

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Gift Giving FAQs

How do I give? How much may I give? Is there a minimum amount I may give? Our gift giving FAQs address the most common questions about giving monetary gifts to a child, family or center.

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Tips for Mailing Small Gifts

Small, lightweight gifts like pictures, postcards or stickers will be received with such excitement. Before you send your next letter, please review our list of tips for mailing small gifts and adding enclosures to your letter to ensure all your special items get to your sponsored child.

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Make Your Monthly Financial Support Go Further

Signing up for autopay is one of the greatest gifts you can give — it reduces administrative costs and allows more money to get to children in need. In My Account, from the left-hand list, choose Payment Options. There you can select autopay, and we’ll automatically process your contribution each month! Sign up for autopay now.

Your Sponsored Child Prays for You

As sponsors, you’re held in high esteem by our church partners and all the children in our centers. Compassion would not be Compassion without you. The children would not have the lives they have without your response to Jesus.

The Prayers of a Sponsored Child

How different (or similar) are your prayers?

The Power of Prayer and a Loving Family

How has God shown you his power through your prayers? This is Gisele's story.

How to Pray for Children in Poverty

Are you wondering how do you pray to God to help children in need and children living in poverty? You can pray for children living in poverty by following this guide:

How to Pray for Children

Sponsorship Gifts FAQs

There are three different types of monetary gifts you can give your child: a child gift, a family gift or a center gift. A child gift will fulfill a need for your sponsored child, while a family gift will do the same for your child’s family. A center gift is used to support your child’s center, which then provides additional help to all the children who visit that center.

You can also send scannable, flat paper items (such as cards, coloring sheets or photos) directly to your sponsored child.