Giving a monetary gift to your sponsored child and the child’s family is a way that you can help meet the needs in their lives. Monetary gifts to your sponsored children could mean new outfits, their first pair of shoes, a school uniform, toothpaste, food, or even livestock.

A monetary gift given to your sponsored child is one way to show your love and commitment to them and to Jesus. And with family gifts, your gift provides income-generating opportunities or assistance that the family can use to help support themselves.

Giving Gifts FAQ

Two piglets changed everything for Aime & Aimable

For 7-year-old twins Aime and Aimable, food was scarce. Often, they only ate one meal a day. But a gift of two pigs changed everything! Their family now has a livestock business they can use for critical income. And the twins? They have full bellies and bright futures!

"We did not imagine that we would have so much support from the sponsor of my twins, but we thank God, and we are grateful to the sponsor."
- Dancille, Mother of Aime & Aimable