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4 New Countries: Expanding to Reach New Children 4 New Countries: Expanding to Reach New Children
In our constant effort to end extreme poverty and help children thrive in their God-given potential, Compassion is working to reach children in additional countries! Find out why, where and how we’re compelled to expand.
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This Amazing Success Story Begins with 2 Pigs

Twins Aime and Aimable rarely had enough to eat. Then their church used a gift from their sponsor to give their family a living income source.

True Love & the Heart of a Mother

The heart of a mother reflects the heart of our Savior, Jesus. See true love in action by reading the stories of two moms.

THIS is Changing Lives in the Dominican Republic

This documentary reveals something much more powerful than poverty in the Dominican Republic: Christ’s ability to restore children, communities and the world.

What’s the Most Memorable Letter Your Sponsor Sent?

Seven graduates of Compassion’s sponsorship program share how their sponsors’ words encouraged them as they grew into the people they are today.

What Happens When You Send a Letter to Your Sponsored Child?

Delivering sponsors’ letters to children requires dedication from some amazing partners around the world — people who are happy to do it because of the hope it brings.

A Safe Home at Last: See This Mom’s Gratitude Overflow

In this video showing the ripple effect of Compassion’s program, meet a family who praises God for their new house.

A Sponsor’s Gift Changed This Family’s Life

As Joseph’s carpentry business stalled and his wife suffered health issues, he feared he couldn’t feed his family. Then God sent help through sponsors and a church.

Ripple Effects of Compassion

Preview the upcoming "Ripple Effects" video series and witness how God is transforming lives in the Dominican Republic.

Choosing Jesus Over Drugs and Gangs

Dr. José Frank’s life shows how every connection that children make through Compassion’s program can create a powerful ripple effect. Watch as Dr. Frank shares his remarkable story with journalist Kelly Wright.