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4 New Countries: Expanding to Reach New Children 4 New Countries: Expanding to Reach New Children
In our constant effort to end extreme poverty and help children thrive in their God-given potential, Compassion is working to reach children in additional countries! Find out why, where and how we’re compelled to expand.
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Our Day at the Compassion Center

Our staff in Colombia gave out 20 small action cameras to children and youths so they could show you what a day at their Compassion center is like.

Finding Their Voices in Music and Sports

Five sponsored young adults share how music and sports are helping them develop their identities. Compassion centers were a key factor in these journeys.

Motherhood Around the World: 4 Beautiful Stories to Bless You

Meet four women across the globe who are embracing mom life with love, determination and sacrifice.

Her Adoptive Mother Modeled True Love

Watch a Compassion graduate's powerful story of the redemptive love of her adoptive mother and support of her local church.

The Cow That Helped Lead a Boy to Jesus

Davis could barely think beyond his gnawing stomach before a church, a sponsor and a cow helped him dream for his future — and see Christ in all of it.

Meet the Compassion Class of 2024

These recent or soon-to-be graduates in Compassion’s program live in poverty, but they’re achieving their goals as their biggest supporters cheer them on.

This Young Kenyan Built a Strong Future With a Strong Mind

Maisha's family couldn’t afford a safe home or education before they connected him with a global network that helped him pursue his dreams.

When I Grow Up ... 4 Kids in Poverty Dare to Dream

These young people plan to use their God-given gifts and developing skills to achieve a future free from poverty.

How Genocide Orphans Became Inspiring Leaders in Rwanda

Orphaned during the genocide, Emma found hope through Christ, forgave his family's killers and now leads a national ministry helping kids in poverty.