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4 New Countries: Expanding to Reach New Children 4 New Countries: Expanding to Reach New Children
In our constant effort to end extreme poverty and help children thrive in their God-given potential, Compassion is working to reach children in additional countries! Find out why, where and how we’re compelled to expand.
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Motherhood Around the World: 4 Beautiful Stories to Bless You

Meet four women across the globe who are embracing mom life with love, determination and sacrifice.

Her Adoptive Mother Modeled True Love

Watch a Compassion graduate's powerful story of the redemptive love of her adoptive mother and support of her local church.

How Genocide Orphans Became Inspiring Leaders in Rwanda

Orphaned during the genocide, Emma found hope through Christ, forgave his family's killers and now leads a national ministry helping kids in poverty.

Haiti Crisis Explained: What’s Happening & How You Can Help

Crisis in Haiti is placing children at risk. But in a country paralyzed by violence, the church is moving. Learn about the crisis and how to help.

From Shattered to Whole: Alice’s Transformation

Jesus turns broken beginnings into restored endings. No one knows this better than Alice. Once silenced and shattered by poverty, she’s now healthy, strong, confident and whole.

We Asked Kids in Poverty To Define These Words

Children have unique perspectives based on their context, culture and faith. See how kids in our program replied when asked to define these important words.

At Easter Camp, Teens Experience Christ’s Power

Meet some teenagers in Compassion’s program who were transformed by Christ’s love during a powerful Easter camp their church organizes.

This Amazing Success Story Begins with 2 Pigs

Twins Aime and Aimable rarely had enough to eat. Then their church used a gift from their sponsor to give their family a living income source.

True Love & the Heart of a Mother

The heart of a mother reflects the heart of our Savior, Jesus. See true love in action by reading the stories of two moms.