Share the love of Jesus Christ with children today when you make a tax-deductible donation to one of the critical needs below.

A mother holding her baby
Help Moms and Babies Survive

Your donation helps pregnant moms and babies get medical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual support.

A child holding a Bible
Unsponsored Children's Fund

Your donation provides aid, nutritious food and medical care to children waiting for sponsors.

Girl with burn scars smiles
Medical Assistance

Help sick or hurting children get medical care, surgery, counseling and other critical care.

A boy and girl sit on rubble
Disaster Relief

Support children and families with medical aid, shelter, water and food when disaster strikes.

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Does your employer offer gift matching? Do you have non-cash items you would like to donate? Or, have you thought about how to leave a legacy of hope through estate and asset giving?

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Ways to Donate to Children in Need

When considering ways to give donations to Compassion, these options will make a huge impact on children who are living in poverty.

  • Where Most Needed — The “Where Most Needed” fund reaches the most critical needs of Compassion, enabling the ministry to better serve millions of children in extreme poverty. This fund allows Compassion to react quickly to a wide range of ministry needs. This is one of the most effective ways to donate.
  • Donate to the Most Urgent Needs — This fund offers a lifeline to children who are in very serious situations. The donation goes to fund items like foster care, trauma counseling and legal assistance.
  • Child Sponsorship — Your support of about a dollar a day can change one child’s life forever. When you sponsor a child, you can give a boy or girl access to many things including: educational opportunities, improved healthcare, training in life skills, nutritious food, and an opportunity to hear about Jesus.
  • Other Giving Opportunities — You can organize giving through your workplace, your estate, non-cash gifts like cars, using Amazon Smile, or through your church.
  • Gift catalog — Whether you buy chickens, livestock, water filters, or a myriad of other gifts, the recipients of your generosity will have their lives changed.

When you give through these ways to donate, you help Compassion reach children in poverty. Compassion International consistently receives high ratings for integrity and financial accountability.

When you consider ways to donate and choose Compassion, you can be assured that your donation will be used for the purpose you requested.