Help Mothers in Poverty to Care for Their Babies

Your gift equips moms to effectively care for babies during their most vulnerable stage of development.

Raising a healthy baby in poverty is hard.

The emotional, physical and spiritual development of babies has a direct effect on the adults they become. Your gift to the Compassion Survival program provides essential care that they need to survive and thrive. And when a baby reaches one year, it's a celebration thanks to you!


Of Maternal Deaths

occur in low-income countries.


Childhood Deaths

occurred in 2021 alone.


Women Die A Day

due to pregnancy and childbirth issues.

Your gift to moms and babies provides hope through the Compassion Survival program!

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Basic Needs & Nutrition

Moms and babies receive water, healthy food, vitamins, milk, diapers and monthly growth monitoring.
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Health Care

Pre- and post-natal care is provided for mother and baby, along with critical medical resources and immunizations.
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Support & Love

Moms are emotionally & spiritually supported through parenting workshops, one-on-one coaching and home visits.

Your contributions are stewarded wisely to help children around the world.

We're committed to the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability, only using money for the purpose it was raised, regularly performing audits to ensure our programs are well managed and funds are properly disbursed and applied. We balance low administrative and fundraising costs with high-quality programs.

of total expenses were for program development and delivery.
of total expenses went to fundraising to further advance the mission.
of total expenses went to administration to reach even more children.
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Every Day, Supporters Like You Help Moms Like Kate

When we first met Kate, she felt voiceless and alone. “When I joined the center, I felt like I couldn’t speak, I had lost hope. The father (to Pamela) had abandoned us. I was so hurt and didn’t even know if I could give birth. Compassion was my intervention,” states Kate.

Just over six months later, Kate has found her voice! She is fully immersed in a loving community that empowers her, prays for her and cares for her and her family. Her baby Pamela is getting the love and care she deserves to grow healthy and strong.

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