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Matching Your Gift Makes a World of Difference

Your matched gift is applied to our Where Most Needed Fund which is used to support a variety of essential needs faced by children in poverty.

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Matching Your Gift is Easy

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Search for your company or employer using the tool above.

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Complete your company’s Matching Gift Form. It may require Compassion’s tax identification number 36-2423707.
Mail to:
Compassion International
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If you volunteer with Compassion, your employer may also provide us with a Volunteer Grant.


You may still be eligible to participate through your former employer's matching gift program.

Encourage Your Company to Start Matching!

If your company is not listed, ask your human resources department or matching gifts coordinator to consider Compassion as a charitable organization for the matching gifts program.

Vishal and Vengadeshwaram

Emergency Food Packs Provide Life-Saving Nutrition

Brothers Vishal (age 5) and Vengadeshwaram (age 4) are part of Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program in Sri Lanka. Their father is a tuk-tuk driver, but he has lost most of his income amid drastic fuel shortages and rising prices. The family struggles to afford food. They are not alone – malnutrition is rising in Sri Lanka and many are experiencing food shortages. In response to the crisis, Compassion is distributing emergency food packs to the families of sponsored children that include nutritious food essentials and hygiene items. Their mother has made the difficult choice to leave the community to find short-term work. She’s thankful knowing that the local Compassion program will keep her family healthy and safe.

Eight-year-old Stella lives on her family’s farm in Kenya with her mother, grandmother and two older sisters. After three growing seasons without rain, Kenya’s president declared the drought a national disaster. A major locust invasion, the first in 75 years, led to further loss of crops. Her farm failing, Stella’s mother began collecting and selling firewood to provide for the family, but it was not enough. In response to the crisis, Compassion’s local church partner began distributing emergency food packs in addition to offering training to local farming families like Stella’s on new agricultural practices with far less reliance on rainfall. Stella’s family is hopeful these new techniques will generate more sustained food production as they wait for rain to come.

eight-year-old Stella
Ester hold a bowl of corn

Ester is a young girl living in Togo. Her family runs a small farm that has struggled to produce crops amid widespread drought across Africa. Through Compassion’s global food crisis response, Ester’s family received training, supplies and technical support that have enabled their farm and others in the community to restore their crops to productive levels. These farmers are now donating their extra food to the local Compassion child development center so everyone in the community can benefit, and the cycle of generosity can continue.

Want to Learn More about Matching Gifts?

Donating to a charity is an important decision. So when you're passionate about a cause and want to make a difference, we encourage you to do your research. Compassion is 100 percent committed to financial integrity, stewardship, and using each dollar wisely. If you have any questions about Compassion or exactly how your donation will be used, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please call us at 800-336-7676, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MT, to speak with a Compassion representative.