If your business is looking to make a positive difference in the lives of children living in poverty around the world, consider a partnership with Compassion International. We work with companies of all sizes to deliver proven solutions that help break the cycle of poverty for millions of children in need.

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At Compassion, successful partnerships are central to who we are. It’s vital that our work together reflect your unique vision for a successful philanthropic program whether that means focusing on a particular global issue or a specific region of the world. We also work with partners on custom employee engagement programs designed to fit their culture and achieve their goals.

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Workplace giving programs enable your company to maximize the impact of employee donations and talents.

Consider establishing a matching gift program and double the impact of your employees’ charitable giving. If your company already has a program, be sure Compassion is referenced in your materials. A great way to extend your matching gift program is to create a volunteer grant program that recognizes the volunteer efforts of your employees. You can also include Compassion in your annual corporate giving campaign.

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Whether your organization is a large corporation or a small business, your partnership will have a meaningful, long-lasting impact on the lives of these children, their families and their community. Contact us today to learn more.

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A leading online retailer of fashion accessories with two webstores, BeltOutlet and CrookhornDavis.

* Has a heart for moms and babies, and supports child survival programs in Ecuador, Colombia, Haiti and Nicaragua.

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Specializing in commercial and industrial rooftop installation and maintenance throughout the southeast.

* Sponsors children throughout Ecuador and supports life-changing initiatives, such as building kitchens, dining spaces and playgrounds, and launching a Compassion Survival program.

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A healthy alternative in fast-casual dining with more than 180 locations in six states.

* Focuses on child sponsorship, including the addition of two sponsorships with the opening of each new location totaling nearly 400 sponsored children around the world.

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A leader in the natural products industry providing value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.

* Our first partner to initiate an employee matching gift program for monthly child sponsorship costs and disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Funded work to help children impacted by HIV/AIDS in East Africa.

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We are honored by your interest in becoming a corporate partner with Compassion International. We encourage you to contact our team to learn how your philanthropic giving can change lives by helping to release children in poverty around the world.