Clay's Utah RV Sales

Clay's Utah RV Sales is Passionate About Releasing Children from Poverty

Helping to spread the Gospel by supporting Compassion's ministry.

Owner Clay Holtman and his wife have been Compassion child sponsors for years, even before they met and later married. Driven by his goal of becoming a financially independent, full-time missionary, Clay worked tirelessly at building his business before realizing the far greater opportunity to effectively spread the Gospel by supporting Compassion’s ministry. Today, Clay’s Utah RV Sales has made its partnership with Compassion a foundation of the company identity, supporting children for every RV sale and repair.

“I built my business with many prayers and a negative net worth. Business has been and is still exhausting, but I’m constantly encouraged knowing that our success and support of Compassion is doing so much to spread the Kingdom of God," says Clay Holtman, founder and owner of Clay’s Utah RV Sales.

Length of partnership

Since 2019


More than 220 children, and counting, have been sponsored through Compassion’s partnership with Clay’s Utah RV Sales. In addition, in 2021 Clay made a $100,000 donation to Compassion’s Where Most Needed fund to help where the need is greatest.

Business Size

Clays Utah RV Sales serves around 200 customers per year and has 10 employees.

About This Partnership

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Clay's Utah RV Sales was founded by Clay in 2009. The company focuses on RV sales and repair with an unwavering commitment to customer service excellence.

Since 2019, Clay's Utah RV Sales has been supporting children with Compassion for every RV sale and repair. By sponsoring children through Compassion, Clay is able to fulfill his goals of spreading the Gospel and releasing children from poverty.

Clay sees the company’s partnership with Compassion as not only a great way to give back, but to share his passion for child sponsorship with his employees and customers so they feel like they are a part of making an impact too. The company website home page highlights that every RV sale and repair will help support children and links visitors to the Compassion website to learn more.

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