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Chessman Wealth Strategies is Expanding Its Impact Beyond Sponsorship to Critical Interventions

Making philanthropy and global impact with Compassion an integral aspect of employee and customer engagement.

Chessman Wealth Strategies* has been a longtime Compassion child sponsor and in more recent years expanded its support of Compassion to include funding for critical interventions around the world focused on The Global Food Crisis, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and Youth Development by launching a new Compassion child development center.

“Our company mission is to help our clients become better stewards with the resources God has entrusted to them, and as a firm, we’re living out that commitment through our partnership with Compassion,” said founder Wade Chessman, President and Wealth Advisor. “Importantly, Compassion provides us with the information and resources we need to know our philanthropy is having significant impact. These tools also make it easy for us to share inspiring testimonies of impact with our employees and clients.”

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Length of partnership

Since 2006


As a company, Chessman Wealth Strategies sponsors 13 children from around the world and funds critical interventions that touch the lives of thousands more. The company’s support of a water sanitation project in Ethiopia will benefit 229 children, their families, and the larger community with an immediate effect on water, sanitation and hygiene-related illnesses. Its donation to the Global Food Crisis provides emergency food packs to feed over 1,000 people for one month. And Chessman’s current effort to engage employees and clients to help fund the launch of a new Compassion child development center in Nicaragua which will serve more than 200 children and their family members.

About This Partnership

As wealth management firm based in Dallas, Texas, the Chessman team focuses on financial planning and investment management services for families, business owners, executives, and institutions. The company’s mission is to help their clients make smart financial decisions and ultimately become better stewards with the resources God has entrusted to them.

Chessman’s partnership with Compassion began with the firm’s founder, Wade Chessman, who has been a Compassion child sponsor since early 2000. The company now sponsors 13 children around world and most recently funded several critical interventions – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (a water sanitation project in Ethiopia) and The Global Food Crisis (emergency food relief). In addition, Chessman encourages its clients to get involved with Compassion’s work by hosting events with Compassion representatives and sharing information about key needs in client and employee communications. Most recently, a client of Chessman Wealth Strategies funded the launch of a Survival Program supporting new mothers and babies in Burkina Faso and the employees of Chessman Wealth Strategies are engaging clients to help with Youth Development by launching a new Compassion development center in Nicaragua.

Chessman’s philanthropic involvement with Compassion has enabled the firm’s employees and clients to have a shared connection through helping to release children and families from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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