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Mary & Martha’s Longstanding Partnership Has Brought Hope around the World

Company’s support has impacted the lives of more than 16,000 children in six countries.

Mary & Martha, a Christian direct sales division of DaySpring Cards, Inc., has been partnering with Compassion for nearly a decade serving more than 16,000 children in six countries. From the beginning, the company has involved its community of consultants and customers by making the Compassion partnership an integral aspect to the selling experience.

“Since we began our partnership with Compassion, our community has truly embraced not only the mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name but the opportunities to become child sponsors and have direct impact on these children and their families,” said Amelia Nizynski, VP Home Party. “This spirit of generosity is a true testament to our shared desire to express God’s heart!”

Length of partnership

Since 2013


Since Mary & Martha began its partnership with Compassion in 2013, the company has supported bible funds in various countries, launched several child survival projects, equipped 26 Compassion child development centers in Tanzania with classroom materials and playground resources, and most recently launched a Compassion center in Guatemala. More than 20,000 children, their families and their communities across six countries have been impacted by Mary & Martha’s support.

About This Partnership

Mary & Martha was founded in 2013 as a division of DaySpring Cards, Inc., and gives Christian women a unique business opportunity to earn an income while sharing and living out their faith. As a Christian direct sales company, Mary & Martha empowers women to share life together through their faith-inspired products.

Mary & Martha works alongside Compassion to identify areas of greatest need that also match its vision of bringing hope and encouragement. Through its commitment to donate 1% of sales to Compassion, Mary & Martha has been fortunate to see its opportunities for support grow every year.

Mary & Martha’s partnership with Compassion is an integral and also personal aspect to the brand. In addition to donating 1% of Mary & Martha sales to various Compassion initiatives, the company includes child sponsorship opportunities and alumni speakers as part of its national conferences, underwrites special trips to the field and highlights Compassion across its various communications channels. In addition, many of the company’s consultants have stepped forward to become Compassion sponsors and share their experiences during their virtual and in-person customer Gatherings.

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