Colombia Education
Speaking Against the Lies

Sharith thought she was stupid until teachers at her Compassion center helped her see the truth.

El Salvador
Closer to Her Dream

Every step of the way, Erika faced challenges to her dream of being a doctor. Her father’s tragic death. Lack of money for school. But she wouldn’t give up — and through the support of Compassion and her sponsor, she doesn’t have to!

You made 2019 an amazing year!

From our staff and sponsored children around the world, we want to say THANK YOU! Your partnership made this an amazing year! We can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2020!

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A child holds up a letter from a sponsor

Letter writing prompts, ideas, tips, FAQs and reasons to write your sponsored children.

Two children laughing

Give a gift directly to your child or help provide assistance for the family.

A child kneels and prays

Each month, our global staff share prayer requests for the children we serve.

A woman hugs a child

Join an organized sponsor tour or arrange for an individual personal visit.


Indonesia Recipe

Christmas in Indonesia gets even merrier when this pineapple dessert shows up on the table.

Five Prayers for Your Kids

As fathers (or mothers!), our prayers for our kids sometimes turn into monotony as we pray the same things over and over. We want to say more but can’t come up with the words. That’s why we’ve compiled five biblically based devotions to help you pray for your kids!


A challenge to live differently for 30 days. Your family will grow in empathy and gratitude throughout this immersive experience.

Natilla y Bunuelos

These holiday favorites are part of many celebrations in Colombia.

Dominican Republic
The Dominican Flag

Make one of the most popular meals in the Dominican Republic.

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