Disaster Relief
Landslide in Alausí, Ecuador

On March 2023, there was a landslide that affected several sectors of Alausí.

Flood in Esmeraldas Ecuador

In June 2023, heavy rains caused flooding in the Esmeraldas province.

Flooding and Heavy Winds in Tanzania

On October 15, 2023, heavy rain caused flooding in a community in Tanzania.

Flooding in Managua, Nicaragua

On October 10, 2023, a convergence of strong rain caused flooding in the capitol city of Managua, Nicaragua.

Tropical Storm Pilar in Nicaragua

As of November 2, 2023, Tropical Storm Pilar has caused heavy rain and strong winds on the western coast of Nicaragua.

Flooding in Southern Provinces in Dominican Republic

On November 2023, torrential downpours caused flooding in several southern provinces and Greater Santo Domingo.

Strong Rain in Córdoba, Colombia

On November 2023, a heavy rain cause extensive flooding in Córdoba, Colombia.

Flooding in Ubon Province, Thailand

In September 2023, heavy rain caused the Mun River to overflow in the Ubon Province of Thailand.

Crisis Haiti
Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

January 2023 — In mid-October 2022, a cholera outbreak began spreading through Haiti, located primarily in the west of the country and Port-au-Prince.