Disaster Relief

Crisis Nicaragua
Advisory: Heavy Rains in Nicaragua

December 10, 2019 - Nicaragua was affected by multiple weather systems which caused a lot of heavy rain affecting 326 beneficiaries.

Crisis Philippines
Advisory: Typhoon in the Philippines

December 4, 2019 — On December 2, 2019 Typhoon Tisoy made landfall in Sorsogon. So far 2 CDCs have been affected.

Crisis Togo
Advisory: Flooding in Togo

December 3, 2019 — Much of Togo experienced heavy rain fall. Life in Lacs Bas Mono is returning to normal. So far, 37 beneficiaries have been affected.

Crisis Bangladesh
Advisory: Cyclone in Bangladesh

November 27, 2019 — Cyclone Bulbul hit the southern part of Bangladesh affecting 3 Child Development Centers and 67 beneficiaries. 

Crisis Indonesia
Advisory: Flash Flooding in Mardingding Karo, Indonesia

November 19, 2019 — On November 10th flash flooding affected a total of five beneficiaries.

Crisis Kenya
Advisory: Flooding in Kenya

November 13, 2019 — Since early October, heavy rainfall has affected more than 100,000 people throughout Kenya.

Crisis Sri Lanka
Advisory: Flash Flooding in Sri Lanka

November 5, 2019 — Showers, thunderstorms, and flooding have affected 9 Child Development Centers and 1,558 beneficiaries so far.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: Heavy Rains in Zona Bananera, Colombia

November 1, 2019 — In total, 43 beneficiaries were affected; however, the affected beneficiaries and their families are now stable.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: Flooding on the Coast of Colombia

November 1, 2019 — The Apartado River overflowed and impacted 8,000 people, including damaging homes. So far, 132 beneficiaries have been affected. 

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