Disaster Relief

Crisis Bangladesh
Advisory: Cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh

May 29, 2020 — Since the cyclone hit Bangladesh last week, there has been more heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong winds and lightening.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: Heavy Rain and Flooding in Colombia

May 28, 2020 — Heavy rains and strong winds continue in the northern regions of Colombia. So far, 29 beneficiaries have been affected.

Crisis Bolivia
Advisory: Dengue Virus in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

May 27, 2020 — Since early December there has been an outbreak of dengue fever in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In total, 831 beneficiaries have been identified with the dengue virus.

Crisis Ethiopia
Advisory: Flooding in Abosto Town, Ethiopia

May 27, 2020 — The Child Development Center has distributed food and other items to the affected families using the Disaster Relief Fund.

Crisis Sri Lanka
Advisory: Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan in Sri Lanka

May 22, 2020 — Adverse weather from Tropical Cyclone Amphan has caused heavy thunderstorms, high winds, flooding, trees falling, landslides, and damaged homes in many regions of Sri Lanka.

Crisis Philippines
Advisory: Typhoon Vongfong (Ambo) in the Philippines

May 19, 2020 — Several structures were destroyed in the provinces of Northern and Eastern Samar. Major roads are impassable due to flooding, landslides, uprooted trees, and fallen electrical posts.

Crisis Indonesia
Advisory: May Flooding in Kutai Barat, East Indonesia

May 19, 2020— There is no more flooding in Kutai Barat and life is returning to normal.. In total, 148 beneficiaries were affected.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: March Flooding in Buenaventura, Colombia

May 15, 2020 — Thankfully, the weather in Buenaventura is now stable. In total, nine beneficiaries were affected.

Crisis Brazil
Advisory: Heavy Rains and Flooding in Bacabal, Brazil - April 2020

May 15, 2020 — Thankfully, it has stopped raining in the Bacabal area of Brazil. In total, 340 beneficiaries were affected.