|   Posted: April 05, 2024   |   Updated: April 05, 2024

March 27, 2024

In mid-January 2024, rains from the impact of El Niño have caused landslides and river overflows in Peru. To date, 12 participants have been impacted. The government of Peru issues a state of emergency for several districts in Peru due the impact of El Niño. Child Development Centers (CDCs) have disaster prevention plans and are coordinating with the local government to see necessary relocation for impacted participants and their families. Some local churches are currently open as temporary shelters for those impacted. CDCs are visiting homes and utilizing disaster relief funds to support those impacted with food, mattresses, beds, food utensils, clothing and home repair materials. The Compassion National Office of Peru are monitoring the situation to best equip and support the impacted participants and their families.

Please pray for the impacted participants and their families as they are recovering from the landslides and river overflows. Please pray for the districts in Peru that are in a state of emergency due to the impacts of El Niño.