“[Lord] You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.”
Isaiah 25:4

A woman holding a baby
Urgent Care to Moms and Babies

Pregnant mothers and babies get life-saving care such as vitamins, food, and birth assistance. Learn More >

Suggested $48 for 1 month, $144 for 3 months

A young woman learning to cook
Youth Development

Support youth ages 12 and older with customized training and educational paths for their unique potential. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A boy sits in a rough landscape
Where Most Needed

Not sure where to donate? Your donation is stewarded where it is most needed for children in poverty. Learn More >

Suggested $50

Portrait of a child standing near a wall
Unsponsored Children's Fund

Help children waiting for a sponsor. Your donation gives a child access to medical care, food and tutoring. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A man holding an injured child
Medical Assistance

Provide quality medical care to children, including surgery, cancer treatments, wheelchairs, and more. Learn More >

Suggested $100

A girl smiles and holds two glasses of water
Clean and Sanitary Water

Provide children with safe water, sanitary toilets and washrooms. Learn More >

Suggested $100

A child sits on the ground with a plate of food
Health and Nutrition

Provide children with the food and medical care they desperately need. Learn More >

Suggested $50

Portrait of a child looking out a doorway
Children Infected by HIV

Help protect children from HIV infection, and provide effective treatment to those infected. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A girl stands in debris
Disaster Relief

When natural disasters and man-made crises happen, your gift provides shelter, water, food and care to the hurting. Learn More >

Suggested $100

A boy sits in front of malaria prevention nets
Malaria Intervention

Prevent illness and death caused by mosquito bites with insecticide-treated bed nets, education and anti-malarial drugs. Learn More >

Suggested: $18 for 1 net, $36 for 2 nets

A girl sits in the back of a wagon
Highly Vulnerable Children

Compassion intervenes for children with severely ill parents, or who are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, homelessness and trafficking. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A smiling girl wearing a striped shirt
Lifesaving Surgery

Give a child hope for survival. Your gift helps to cover travel to a hospital, surgery, medicine and rehabilitation.Learn More >

Suggested $1000

A couple sits with their young child
Health and Parenting Skills

Help parents care for children with training in child development, health, literacy and more. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A teenage boy smiles with a backpack on
Educational Needs

Children receive tutoring and resources to attend school such as uniforms, books, fees and supplies. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A young man feeds cattle
Donate Livestock

Your gift can provide a family with chickens, goats, cows or pigs which helps earn income and provide food. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A little girl holding a goat
Income Generation

Provide those in poverty with business training to help sustain their families. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A group of children stand in an broken down building
Build Secure Homes

Your donation helps to repair homes after disaster strikes, provides electricity, toilets, and new classrooms. Learn More >

Suggested $50

A child smiles while holding harvest in a garden
Partners of Compassion

Provide sponsored children with vital resources that help them get through life-threatening situations. Learn More >

Suggested $50


Give with Confidence

With Compassion, your donation is used wisely to help children around the world.

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Have Questions About Compassion and How We Work?

Donating to a charity is an important decision. So when you’re passionate about a cause and want to make a difference, we encourage you to do your research. Compassion is 100 percent committed to financial integrity, stewardship, and using each dollar wisely. If you have any questions about Compassion or exactly how your donation will be used, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please call us at 800-336-7676, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MT to speak with a Compassion Representative.

Donate to Charity

When you donate to charity, you can save a life of a child. Compassion International provides critical support to children who are struggling in poverty in many developing countries.

Compassion programs help children in many ways, but some situations require special attention. In these instances, people make the intentional decision to donate to charity in order to meet a specific need. Some examples of these special funds include:

  • providing critical support to mothers and babies,
  • donating critical medical treatment,
  • helping children who are affected by AIDS,
  • donating malaria nets to protect children from disease.

When you donate to charity through these funds, you help complete Compassion’s ministry to children in poverty. Whether you donate to disaster relief and stability, income generation, infrastructure development, or other critical intervention programs, you can be sure that your donation will be used to radically change the life of a child in poverty.

When you donate through Compassion International’s Complementary Interventions programs, your tax-deductible gift is used to meet needs that otherwise may not be met. Your donation to this children’s charity gives a child the chance to escape poverty. You are making a big difference.

You can choose to donate a one-time gift of any amount or give a monthly contribution to meet ongoing needs.

Compassion, a well-known Christian charity, consistently receives high ratings for integrity and financial accountability, so when you donate to charity, you know your gift is being used for the purpose you designate.