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Parenting Skills Donate to Provide Parenting Skills Programs

Compassion trains parents in poverty to better care for their children through education, awareness, and prevention.

How Does Compassion Help?

The Parenting Skills fund allows Compassion programs to invest in the lives of local parents, teaching them how to raise healthy and responsible children. Your contribution to this important fund helps provide:

  • Parenting and marriage workshops
  • Hygiene and sanitation classes
  • Seminars for domestic violence and child abuse
  • Teaching adults reading and writing skills
  • Disease awareness and prevention classes
  • Support from a community of caring parents

Many parents of Compassion-assisted children struggle to raise their children in the harsh circumstances where they live. Donate today, and help parents become confident family leaders!

82.4% Directly to Program
17.6% Supporting Activities
  • 1.4 Million under-five deaths that could be prevented by educating women about breastfeeding
  • 300 million children in the world are estimated to go to bed hungry every night
  • 25-50 percent of children report frequent physical abuse in the home



The Parenting Skills Fund Educates Mothers Like Santos

When Santos was invited to attend the "Elegidos de Jesus," a school for parents, she didn’t quite know what to expect.

With 60 other parents in the class, she learned how to raise her children in a loving environment, how to communicate with them more effectively, and how her marriage and stress impact the development of her children.

"I feel more confident and secure now in what I’m doing with my children since the workshop," Santos expresses. Today, she is actively involved in her children’s lives, all because of the Compassion Parenting Skills fund and her local church.


Give Today and help provide parenting skills for moms and dads in poverty


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With Compassion, your donation is used wisely to help children around the world.


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An Organization You Can Believe In.

“As an organization, Compassion is very open with their records. They send a yearly financial analysis and have been recommended highly for their charity. My personal experience has been just as good! Compassion is worth trusting and believing in!”

– Sarah in Hillsboro, Oregon

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