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Children living in poverty are especially vulnerable to disease and sickness and your medical donation can make a big difference in their lives. When a child in poverty faces medical issues, he is even more vulnerable to the devastating effects of poverty, and your medical donation can literally save his life. Giving your medical donation through Compassion’s medical assistance fund will allow a child in poverty access to the best medical treatment available, regardless of cost.

When you give a medical donation through our program, your money will help provide for expensive but critical treatments such as surgery, vision and hearing issues, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, trauma counseling and special dental needs.

Compassion’s medical assistance fund is one of our Complementary Interventions and together with our holistic child development program, it allows children escape the crippling effects of poverty. Your medical donation will.

When you make a medical donation through our medical assistance fund, you can be assured that your money will directly help children who need it most – children living in poverty and facing medical issues. Give today and change a life forever.

Medical Assistance Donate to Provide Medical Care for Children

Giving today will help Compassion children receive medical attention that dramatically improves the quality of their lives.

How Does Compassion Help?

Families in poverty simply cannot afford to get treatment for their sick or hurting child. The Medical fund is used to provide for the medical expenses of children, including:

  • Life-saving surgeries such as transplants and trauma surgery
  • Casts to help heal broken bones
  • Wheelchairs and walking canes to assist with mobility
  • Treatments for children diagnosed with cancer
  • Counseling for children who’ve been injured in a traumatic accident
  • Eye surgeries – or even a pair of desperately needed eye glasses
  • Hearing tests and hearing aids
  • Special dental needs
  • Funeral expenses in the worst-case scenarios

Your donation will improve the quality of life for a child living in poverty. Provide toward their medical expenses today.

82.4% Directly to Program
17.6% Supporting Activities
  • 58 percent of deaths in children under 18 are caused by infectious diseases
  • 19,000 children under 5 die every day from diseases that can be prevented
  • 165 million children face stunted growth and development due to chronic malnutrition



Everyday, We Help Children like Melissa

Melissa was only one year old when she was diagnosed with congenital kidney disease – a disease that would be treated with a simple outpatient procedure in the US.

For more than 10 years, Melissa battled dangerously high fevers and constant infection because her parents couldn’t afford the cost of treatments. When Compassion staff at Melissa’s Child Development Center discovered her diagnosis, they quickly intervened through the Medical fund.

Melissa was able to undergo a risky surgery to remove her diseased kidney. The surgery saved her life. Because of the Medical fund, Melissa is back in school and actively involved in her Compassion program – smiling, singing, and dancing with her friends!

Everyday, We Help Children Like Melissa

Give Today and provide for the medical expenses of children


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suggested amount $50

Give with Confidence

With Compassion, your donation is used wisely to help children around the world.


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“As an organization, Compassion is very open with their records. They send a yearly financial analysis and have been recommended highly for their charity. My personal experience has been just as good! Compassion is worth trusting and believing in!”

– Sarah in Hillsboro, Oregon

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