A woman holding her shild while preparing wool for knitting
A woman holding her shild while preparing wool for knitting

Income Generation

Help Families in Poverty Generate Income

Many families in poverty work 12–15 hours a day in severely underpaying jobs to make ends meet. Help a child’s caregiver start their own business today.

Caregivers living in poverty work tirelessly just to make ends meet.

But it’s often not enough to provide for their family’s basic needs. And in many cases, children must work too, putting them at serious risk. By teaching caregivers how to build their own businesses, we empower them to generate a sustainable income and protect their children from hazardous environments.

1 in 6

children worldwide work

helping support their families

126 Million

children in hazardous conditions

in their working environments


the daily amount lived on

by half of the world's population

Sources: www.childinfo.org, www.crin.org, www.who.int, www.unaids.org, www.unicef.org

How We Help Caregivers Generate Income

Compassion helps families break the cycle of poverty by empowering caregivers to create sustainable businesses.

With the oversight of local Compassion staff, caregivers of Compassion-assisted children may find the opportunity to work on their own, spend more time with their children, and provide more effectively for their family.

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Holistic Guidance

Help identifying a business model, connections with micro-enterprise credit institutions
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Education & Skills

Classes and certifications specific to the business, workshops in business management, accounting, and credit management

Your contributions are stewarded wisely to help children around the world.

We're committed to the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability, only using money for the purpose it was raised, regularly performing audits to ensure our programs are well managed and funds are properly disbursed and applied. We balance low administrative and fundraising costs with high-quality programs.

of total expenses were for program development and delivery.
of total expenses went to fundraising to further advance the mission.
of total expenses went to administration to reach even more children.
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Your support helps caregivers like Raboaki.

Raboaki is a mother of four children living in a remote village in Burkina Faso, Africa. Even though providing for her four children isn’t easy living in poverty, Raboaki is determined to help them have a better future by sending them to school.

“I am not educated, and I don’t want any of my four children to miss school because of poverty.”

While school is expensive, with the support of the Compassion center, Raboaki is building two successful businesses. She’s breeding pigs and making beautiful kokodonda loincloths to sell within her community.

In addition to generating income for her own family, Raboaki is also teaching other girls and women in her village so they, too, can provide for their families. With an income and a way to help others, Raboaki is filled with hope.

“Today, I can sing, dance, and rejoice with those around me because Jesus fills my heart and mind with great joy. I feel useful by helping my neighbors and my community.”

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Income Generation

Through Compassion's microenterprise program, people living in poverty learn valuable, life-changing skills like the basics of generating income and running a business. Compassion's program covers a variety of aspects of microenterprise, including financial management, basic business and accounting and credit management. This unique program helps stop the generational cycle of poverty. As parents are able to provide an education for their children, their children are then able to provide for their own families.

When people live in poverty, they often don't have access to even the most basic education and the prospect of learning how to run a business or manage finances is slim. Illiteracy is a common obstacle to microenterprise and income generation.

Compassion's microenterprise program offers them the opportunity to learn a trade that will generate income and enable them so earn a living.

Through the microenterprise and income generation program, Compassion doesn't just provide a quick solution but addresses long term needs for people in poverty. As a donor, you can have a part in this program that is changing lives all over the world.