|   Posted: March 07, 2024   |   Updated: March 07, 2024

March 4, 2024

On February 17, 2024, heavy rainfall caused an overflow of a river in Oruro, Bolivia. The overflow of the river caused flooding in the nearby community damaging several homes and erupting water pipelines. To date, 54 participants and four Child Development Centers (CDCs) were impacted. Due to the situation, the participants are unable to attend the program. The local government is cleaning the streets and working to lower the water levels, which have dropped.

The Compassions National Office of Bolivia is assessing the needs of those impacted and have provided food and water for the impacted participants and their families. CDCs are continuing to monitor the situation and the health of the participants and their families.

Please pray for provision of resources, food and water for the impacted participants and families. Please pray for the health and recovery of those impacted by the heavy rain and flooding.