Holistic Pain Management

Holistic Pain Management (HPM) Focuses on Child Sponsorship and Education Essentials

Creating special bonds over birthdays and classroom accomplishments.

Holistic Pain Management began its partnership with Compassion in 2021 with a focus on child sponsorship. As a way to forge a strong, personal connection, CEO Ryan Shedd shares a birthday with each sponsored child. In addition, the company has funded classroom essentials for Compassion child development centers in Africa.

“Our company is built around helping others, especially the underserved,” said Ryan Shedd, CEO of Holistic Pain Management. “Partnering with Compassion is a perfect extension of our mission, and we’re so grateful to have this opportunity to impact the lives of so many children.”

Length of partnership

Since 2021


Since 2021, Holistic Pain Management has sponsored nearly 160 children from all around the world. In addition, the company made a special gift in late 2021 to fund new desks and chairs for three Compassion child development centers in Ghana that together serve more than 600 children.

Business Size

The company serves patients in rural communities across the mountain west, Midwest, and as far south as Texas.

About This Partnership

Based in Loveland, Colorado, Holistic Pain Management provides specialty healthcare to rural America, on behalf of an underserved population. Through its unique approach, HPM delivers a full suite of complementary service line disciplines to help improve quality of life for those suffering with chronic pain.

The company covers the full cost of sponsorship for 157 children. The children come from many different countries, and they share a special personal connection with CEO Ryan Shedd – they all have the same birthday. In addition to child sponsorship, Holistic Pain Management has partnered with Compassion to fund classroom desks and chairs for three child development centers.

The company operates in many different locations across the United States. The philanthropic partnership with Compassion International represents a unifying commitment to changing lives both in the U.S. and in countries around the world.

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