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Peru, a country tucked into the western part of South America, captivates with its abundant natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. From the magnificent peaks of the Andes to the lush depths of the Amazon rainforest, Peru boasts an awe-inspiring landscape that leaves visitors in awe.

The iconic ruins of Machu Picchu stand as a testament to the architectural prowess and mystical allure of the ancient Inca civilization. Peru's vibrant and diverse cultural tapestry is woven from the threads of Indigenous traditions, Spanish colonial influence and contemporary innovations. The country's traditional music, dance and festivals showcase the colorful heritage of its people, while the culinary scene, with its renowned dishes like ceviche and quinoa, represents a fusion of Indigenous ingredients and global flavors.

Peru's natural wonders and cultural treasures offer a profound sense of connection to the land and its history, making it a destination that both enchants the senses and sparks the imagination.

Unfortunately, Peru’s great potential is hindered by pervasive poverty that weighs heavily on the lives and prospects of children and families.

But child sponsorship offers a beacon of hope that can help break the cycle of poverty in Peru!

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Start Sponsoring a Child in Peru Today!

Your tax-deductible contribution of just $43 a month connects a child living in poverty with a loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program.

Your support provides:

  • Medical checkups, which often save lives
  • Nutritious food
  • Health and hygiene training
  • Educational assistance
  • Access to special services like surgeries and disaster relief
  • Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children
  • Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God. Just imagine how exciting it will be when one day you get to heaven and your sponsored child is there with you because you chose to sponsor him or her.

When you sponsor a child in Peru, you'll receive your child's photo, personal story and a child sponsorship packet by mail in approximately 10 days.

When children in Peru find out they've been sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly change the future for your child, and will change your own life as well.

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Sponsor a Child in Peru

Peru is a fascinating country in South America. Tourists flock to visit its ancient Incan ruins and to peer down into the Cotahuasi Canyon (twice as deep as the Grand Canyon). The highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, and one of the tallest sand dunes in the world, Cerro Blanco, are both found in Peru. A portion of the Amazon rainforest is also located in this country!

Alongside the natural beauty and incredible ancient heritage of this country, many Peruvians face extreme poverty and struggle to access food. Malnutrition causes stunting in approximately 13% of children under age 5. About 22% of children ages 5 to 17 are engaged in child labor. Here are a few more high-level statistics show what poverty is like in this country:

  1. Poverty Rates: Approximately 25.8% of the population in Peru lives below the national poverty line. Although this figure is actually lower than previous years (indicating that poverty has declined a little), this shows that a quarter of the population still struggles to meet their basic needs.
  2. Extreme Poverty: Many in Peru also face extreme poverty, which refers to conditions of severe deprivation. The extreme poverty rate in Peru is around 6.8%, with these people struggling to afford even the most essential goods and services.
  3. Regional Disparities: Poverty rates vary across different regions of Peru. Rural areas tend to have higher poverty rates than urban areas. Indigenous communities, especially those in remote regions, often face higher levels of poverty and limited access to essential services.
  4. Income Inequality: Income inequality is a pressing issue in Peru. The country has one of the highest income inequality rates in Latin America, with a Gini coefficient of approximately 0.43. This means that there is a significant wealth gap between the richest and the poorest segments of the population.
  5. Rural Poverty: Rural poverty remains a persistent challenge in Peru, affecting farmers, agricultural workers and Indigenous communities. Limited access to infrastructure, health care, education and economic opportunities contribute to the higher poverty rates in rural areas.

Reducing income inequality and promoting inclusive growth are crucial to creating a more equitable society and improving the living conditions of many Peruvians.

By fighting poverty, Peru can unlock the full potential of its population, fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development. Tackling poverty can contribute to social cohesion, stability and a more inclusive society, which are essential elements for the long-term prosperity of the country.

Will you help break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring a child in Peru today?

Child Sponsorship Through a Christ-centered, Church-based and Holistic Child Development Lens

By being Christ-centered, church-driven and child-focused, we have created a comprehensive and effective model for child sponsorship. This approach not only addresses immediate needs but also equips children with the tools and resources they need for long-term success and transformation.

  • Holistic Child Development: We believe in caring for and developing every part of a child. Beyond addressing their immediate physical needs, our program focuses on nurturing their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. By providing access to education, health care and safe environments, and by introducing them to the love of God, we ensure that sponsored children receive comprehensive support to thrive and reach their full potential.
  • Local Church Partnerships: We work in partnership with local churches in communities around the world. These churches serve as a vital support system, providing safe and nurturing environments for children. Local church staff and volunteers deliver programs and services that cater to the unique needs of each child in their community, enabling sustainable and long-term impact.
  • Christ-centered Focus: Our approach to poverty alleviation through child sponsorship is rooted in Christ’s life and teachings. We believe in the transformational power of faith and strive to nurture the spiritual development of sponsored children. Through local church partnerships, children receive spiritual guidance, participate in discipleship programs and learn about God's love and purpose for their lives. This holistic approach seeks to equip children not only for a better future but also for a life built on a relationship with Jesus.

By sponsoring a Peruvian child with Compassion International, you become a life-changer, empowering a child to break free from the cycle of poverty, pursue education, receive health care and develop their God-given potential. Through our proven and distinctive model for child sponsorship, you have the incredible opportunity to offer powerful encouragement, love and support as the child journeys through life.

Take action today and become a beacon of hope in a child's life: Sponsor a child in Peru and help break the cycle of poverty. Together, we can transform lives and build a world where every child thrives. Take the first step now and change a life forever.

How You Help Change a Life When You Sponsor a Child in Peru Through Compassion International Today

With a monthly sponsorship of just $43, you can provide a Peruvian child with the following crucial support:

  1. Malnutrition monitoring and intervention: Children living in poverty often lack access to nutritious food, which can lead to malnutrition and its associated health issues. Regular monitoring and intervention programs help identify and address malnutrition early on, ensuring that children receive the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.
  2. Medical care and regular checkups: Children in poverty in Peru face various health challenges due to inadequate living conditions, limited access to health care and exposure to unsanitary environments. Providing medical care and regular checkups is crucial for addressing immediate health issues, preventing the spread of diseases and promoting overall well-being among these children.
  3. Individual mentoring and love: Children living in poverty often face social and emotional challenges because of their difficult circumstances and limited support systems. But local church staff members know and love each child, and this supportive community provides them with positive role models, emotional support and guidance, which can help build their self-esteem, resilience and social skills.
  4. Education assistance and skills training: Access to quality education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty for Peruvian children. Providing educational assistance, such as school supplies, tuition support and scholarships, ensures that children have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that can empower them to improve their circumstances in the long term.
  5. Encouraging words and support from you, their sponsor: Children in poverty often face discouragement and feelings of hopelessness. Encouraging words and support from sponsors can have a significant impact on their self-esteem and motivation. By providing positive affirmation, emotional support and a sense of belonging, sponsors can inspire and empower these children to strive for a better future.
  6. An introduction to the love of God: Our local church partners faithfully model Christ’s love and share the gospel, giving children the opportunity to know Christ as their Savior, hope and anchor in the midst of their difficult circumstances.

Together, these focuses address the most critical needs for children living in poverty in Peru, caring for them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By offering these resources and supports, sponsorship empowers them to overcome challenges, break the chains of poverty and develop into their God-given potential.