Olive's Story
    You are Writing Stories of Hope for Children Like Olive

    This is our shared mission as Christ followers: to help one another so that the most vulnerable among us are seen, known and cared for in the name of Jesus. Because of your powerful partnership, vulnerable children are being equipped every day to live stories of restoration.

    Henry holding a copy of his book, "5 Things Every Young Person Should Know."
    Uganda Prayer Sponsorship
    Fostering Nations: How Love Multiplies Exponentially
    Through years of devoted prayer, support and encouragement, Henry’s sponsor helped enact immeasurable change in a community.
    Eternal Impact of Faithful Stewardship
    Your Sponsorship + Faithful Stewardship = Eternal Impact
    Inflation, drought and economic instability are grave challenges in the battle against global poverty. But, working alongside supporters like you and pastors like Deivis, we’re committed to finding solutions.
    a girl holds baby chicks
    Easter Faith
    Hope and Transformation: an Easter Devotional
    The story of Easter is an emotional one. It reminds us that despite our seasons of grief, we can experience peace, joy and amazement because of Christ’s death and resurrection.
    a boy holds a sign that says "He Is Alive"
    Easter Holiday
    Experience the Joy of Easter Through a Child’s Eyes
    Sponsored children are taught about the love of God from day one. But the way Scripture is shared varies among languages and cultures in uniquely beautiful ways. Learn how the Easter story might sound from the perspective of the child you sponsor!
    a girl writes a letter to her sponsor
    Letter Writing
    Reimagining Letter Writing
    We love our sponsors' hearts for building relationships with the kids they sponsor — but how do we balance quick communication and child protection? Learn more about the future of sending messages of hope and love around the world!
    what's your why
    What’s Your ‘Why?’ Sponsors Reflect on Why They Choose to Sponsor
    Through years of devoted prayer, support and encouragement, Henry’s sponsor helped enact immeasurable change in a community.
    Doreen talks with young girls
    Uganda Alumni
    This Amazing Woman Rescues Girls From Sex Abuse
    As a child, Doreen lived in poverty and was sponsored in Compassion’s program. Wanting to serve God and give back to her community, she now runs an organization in Uganda that saves girls from sex trafficking and abuse.
    a girl lays on the ground surrounded by vegetables
    Peru Global Food Crisis
    A Better Way to Feed Their Kids
    As drought and cold killed their crops again and again, families in Peru received a brilliant solution from the local Compassion center: home greenhouses.
    a girl washes her hands
    Hunger Water
    10 Things to Know About Water and Hunger
    Here are facts you should know about how unequal access to safe water is related to malnutrition — and how we can unite as the global Church to work toward safe water for all.
    World Water Day 2023
    Photos and Videos Water
    When the Water Flows, So Does the Joy
    A borehole project at a Compassion center in Tanzania gave sponsored children fresh drinking water, proper hygiene and flushing toilets — helping protect their health and dignity.
    Crisli works on her homework
    Nicaragua Education
    I’m the First in My Family to Attend School
    My mother never learned to read or write, but she made sure I got the education she couldn’t by enrolling me in the Child Sponsorship Program.