2 boys sit outside of their school
    Letter Writing Sponsorship
    What to Avoid in Letters: Oversharing
    Learn what it means to overshare and get tips for avoiding it when you write to the child you sponsor.
    Burkina Faso Crisis Poverty
    Hunger in a Refugee Camp During the Global Food Crisis
    The global food crisis is impacting millions, but none more than hungry children in poverty. When Wennefangdé’s family’s village was attacked, they lost their farm and went to live on the outskirts of a camp for displaced people.
    Kasey and Evie
    4 Uplifting Stories of Child Advocates
    Meet passionate people who have spoken up and acted boldly on behalf of children living in poverty.
    Jenith stands next to a wall of child photos
    Letter Writing Sponsorship
    Advice From the Woman Who Writes to 52 Children in Poverty
    We sat down with sponsor and correspondent Jenith, who writes 50-plus letters a month to children living in poverty. Why? Because she believes that words of truth have the power to change a young person’s life — including your sponsored child’s!
    the family stands outside their home
    Kenya Child Sponsorship
    From Crime to Faith: How Sponsorship Helped Lead a Family to Christ
    Have you ever wondered how sponsorship impacts the life of not just one child but the lives of their parents and siblings as well?
    Togo Global Food Crisis
    Trying to Get by With Less
    A family of five in Togo faces rising fertilizer costs and low crop yields, leaving them desperate. Explore how inflation affects families we serve around the globe and discover how the church is providing them with critical food support.
    Hanna and her sons stand outside of their home
    Ethiopia Crisis
    Churches That Rescue: Hanna’s Story
    Hunger is relentless. For a pregnant mother like Hanna with two children and an unborn baby on the way, the need for nourishment never stops. Amid this global food crisis, when hunger threatens the lives of many moms and children, Compassion’s church partners are on the ground to provide lifesaving support. Continue reading to hear Hanna’s rescue story.
    a young boy sits outside his home
    Child Sponsorship
    9 Ways to Show Up Big for Your Sponsored Child in 2023
    Ideas and resources to help you show how much you care
    Abigail and her son
    Ghana Emergency Food Packs
    Difficult Decisions: Is There Enough For Everyone?

    Director Godwin and his staff at a Compassion center in Ghana are striving to meet the needs of the most vulnerable families, providing food baskets to ensure children have enough to eat. But will they have enough baskets to meet the increasing need?

    Arima smiles at the camera
    Kenya Alumni Child Sponsorship
    How a Legacy of Sponsorship Led My Mom and I to Kenya

    As a child, my mother was sponsored in Compassion’s program in India. As an adult, she helped give our family the opportunity to sponsor a child too — and to travel across the world to meet her. Here’s our story.

    a girl looks out of a window in her home
    Child Sponsorship Critical Needs
    7 Inspiring Young People Living in Poverty With Disabilities

    Imagine having a child with disabilities and not being able to afford their care. These families faced that reality before finding the help they needed.

    a girl raises her hands in celebration
    Celebrating 2022

    Although 2022 has been a challenging year for many of us, we have witnessed so much hope and life change around the world! God is on the move, and today, we celebrate his faithfulness and the support of people like you!