school children sing and clap
    Christmas Faith
    Songs of Joy: A Christmas Devotional

    We hope you enjoy this encouraging message about the songs of joy sung in the Bible and about finding hopeful community in difficult times.

    Camila and her younger sister are wrapped in a blanket
    Mexico Child Gifts Christmas
    My First Warm Blanket
    Thanks to their sponsors' support, children living in poverty can receive presents that make them feel recognized, valued and loved. Discover the joy that three simple gifts brought to children in Mexico.
    hands hold a small plant in the dirt
    Africa Global Food Crisis
    Kenyan Families and Churches Pray for Rain

    As drought ravages the Horn of Africa, local churches are distributing emergency food packages and teaching families sustainable food-production practices.

    girl holds a letter from her sponsor
    Letter Writing Sponsorship
    Do Our Letters REALLY Matter?

    A sponsor shares how letter writing not only builds your relationship with the child you sponsor, but it can also strengthen their relationship with God. Enjoy her fun ideas for what to include in your next letter to your sponsored child.

    a boy plays with a toy
    Child Development Christmas
    How Joyful Play in Childhood Grows Successful Adults

    A pediatric occupational therapist explains the importance of play — and why children living in poverty face greater challenges simply because they lack access to toys.

    a boy holds a gift
    Child Sponsorship Giving
    What Gift Does the Child You Sponsor Get at Christmas?

    Christmas is coming! And you can help ensure the child you sponsor and every child in our program around the globe receives a handpicked gift just for them!

    Goretti and her children
    HIV / AIDS Survival
    Tea Instead of Milk: How HIV and AIDS Endanger Infants

    When church workers first met Goretti in an impoverished Ugandan neighborhood, the desperate mother was feeding tea to her newborn. Find out why and see how the church stepped in to help the family survive and thrive.

    pastor Daniel
    Burkina Faso Education
    Grateful for Pastors Like Daniel

    Each week this month, we’ll share a child development center staff or volunteer’s story and celebrate the reasons we’re so grateful for their work with children in the field. This week, we’re introducing Pastor Daniel, who lives in a remote community of Burkina Faso where children struggle to complete their education and learn new skills. But alongside church staff, pastor Daniel is fighting to give them bright futures through education and training.

    Samuel holds a photo of his sponsored child
    Rwanda Sponsorship
    Ever feel like you don’t have what it takes to make a difference?

    When Samuel noticed the picture of the small boy from Rwanda, he knew that he wanted to be his sponsor. There was only one problem: Samuel was in the fourth grade and didn’t have $38 a month for sponsorship.

    a boy holds a sign that says "Loved"
    Colombia Bolivia Bangladesh Faith
    God Is Love: 5 Attributes That Show Us This Truth

    The Bible makes it clear that "God is love" (1 John 4:8). He isn’t just loving, but he is the very definition of love.

    2 boys stand with their arms around each other
    Uganda Global Food Crisis World Food Day
    From Hunger to Hope

    See the hope and joy that a simple bag of food can bring. Watch how food distribution day at this Compassion center in Uganda made these mothers so happy.

    a Compassion child hugs her sponsor
    Child Sponsorship
    5 Things We Love About Compassion Supporters

    After seven decades of ministry, we’ve recognized a few unique qualities that Compassion supporters like you share. Here are some of our favorite things that characterize this caring community.