Mom stands with her two children
    Poverty Sponsorship
    How to Talk to Children About Poverty
    Talking about poverty with kids can be hard. It’s a heavy topic. But it can also be good! Learn how two parents bring the conversation close to home to raise compassionate kids.
    Mother writes letter with child
    Letter Writing Sponsorship
    Tips for Writing to a Young Child’s Caregiver
    If you sponsor a young child through Compassion, you’ll probably exchange letters with their caregiver until the child is old enough to read and write. This is an exciting chance to encourage and share the love of Christ with the family of the child you sponsor.
    Boy stands in front of garden
    Letter Writing Sponsorship
    Top 5 Summery Gifts That Help Families in Poverty
    Have you seen these summery items from our gift catalog? See what reminds you of your own summer fun. Chances are, you’ll relive some memories and find a fun new way of helping children in poverty!
    Karla lays on the field with a ball
    El Salvador Youth Development
    An Emerging Soccer Star Begins to Dream
    Karla lives in a dangerous community in El Salvador. Poverty made her future unsure. But when Karla began playing soccer at her Compassion center at age 9, everything started to change.
    a guy points at child packets on the wall
    Sponsors and Donors Advocacy - Awareness and Education
    Saying "Yes!" to God: An Advocacy Story
    The journey of a church funding a child development center in Rwanda and sponsoring the children who will attend it.
    Valeria holds up her gardening tools
    Honduras Sponsorship
    6 Gardening Tips From 7-Year-Old Valeria
    When her Compassion center held a plant-a-garden contest, Valeria set up a sustainable vegetable garden in her backyard. Here are her tips to help you grow your own vegetables!
    a sponsor and her sponsored child
    How Sponsorship Is Changing ... Sponsors
    Step into a sponsor's shoes through these uplifting stories and experience the power of sponsorship to change your life.
    Natlada is standing near water
    Asia Child Protection
    How This Church Helps Prevent Modern Slavery
    Children in poverty are especially vulnerable to abuse and slavery, including trafficking. But churches around the world are standing up to the darkness and fighting for the rights and freedom of children. This is the story of one such church in Southeast Asia.
    a girl squats in a chicken yard and holds 2 eggs
    About Compassion Innovation Sponsorship
    3 Ways You Empower Communities to Support Themselves
    Learn how our church partners around the world are innovating ways to tap into local resources, maximize supporters’ gifts and bless the greatest number of children possible.
    Eduardo and Valdinar
    Brazil Sponsorship
    The 18-Year-Old Who Raised an Abandoned Baby as His Own
    Valdinar was just 18 when he made the sacrificial choice to take in a baby boy. With the help of a local church, a sponsor and a compassionate woman, the unlikely family is thriving.
    a group of young adults
    Sponsorship Youth Development
    How Sponsorship Changed … An Entire Community
    Here are three life lessons from sponsored teenagers in Colombia who joined a youth alliance at their Compassion centers to serve their neighbors in poverty.
    Janeth smiles at the camera
    Alumni Sponsorship
    Janeth is Changing Lives With Her Passion For Education
    After winning Compassion International and Baylor University’s first ever social innovation challenge, Compassion alumna Janeth continues championing innovative education across Central and South America.