|   Posted: June 20, 2023

Step into a sponsor's shoes through these uplifting stories and experience the power of sponsorship to change your life.

How Sponsorship Is Changing ... Sponsors

Step into a sponsor's shoes through these uplifting stories and experience the power of sponsorship to change your life.

a sponsor and her sponsored child

When you sponsor a child, you give them an incredible support system, fill their life with the love of Christ and enrich their future with incredible opportunities. However, sponsoring a child also has the ability to change your life! Sponsoring a child helps give you a unique heart for children and allows you a glimpse into how God is working in communities across the world. Becoming a sponsor can be truly life-changing, and there are so many special moments and experiences that come from sharing Christ’s love through sponsoring a child. We’re so excited to share these uplifting stories about sponsors whose lives have been changed through sponsorship.

An Unforgettable Bond


Kristen says she had no idea what awaited her when she sponsored her first child at age 16. When she registered as a sponsor, she thought she would be the one making the difference in a child’s life. But she says her sponsored children blessed her own life in ways she could have never imagined.

“I have no doubt that this is just such a huge part of my identity,” Kristen shares. “If you ask any one of my friends to describe me or what I’m passionate about, they’ll say, ‘She’s a mom, and she’s a sponsor.’”

In 2019, Kristen had the opportunity to surprise her former sponsored child, Mateo, at his wedding and walk him down the aisle. After years of exchanging letters, prayers and stories, it was an unforgettable moment that touched Kristen in unexplainable ways.

“I’ve become part of families who have no pictures on the walls except for mine,” Kristen says. “It’s just, to know that these families are accepting me — choosing to have me as a member of their family — is truly the most humbling experience. I will never be the same because of the love that they’ve shown me.”

Developing a Heart For Children

a girl puts her sponsor child's photo on her fridge

Sponsoring a child through Compassion helped Katie develop a heart for uplifting children. “As an unmarried young professional without nieces, nephews or even babysitting experience, I’ve never had consistent, in-person interaction with kids,” Katie explains.

Katie began sponsoring two young girls, Claudia and Hilary, and was unsure of how she would form a connection with them. “I wondered: ‘How will I relate to them? What do they need to hear?’ And I prayed that God would give me the answers and a heart for ‘my girls,’” Katie shares.

Katie and her sponsored children begin exchanging letters, stories, prayers and hopes. Katie developed a strong bond with the girls she sponsored and was deeply touched as she began to see the world through their eyes.

“Although I’m still far from an expert, through the letters I’ve exchanged with the kids I support through Compassion, I’ve finally come to understand on a personal level why children are so special. They not only show me unconditional love, but they’ve repeatedly taught me to look at things in a new way,” Katie shares.

Getting a glimpse into her sponsored children’s lives strengthened Katie’s trust in Christ and gave her a unique heart for children.

“Children, especially those in poverty, feel keenly that life is full of suffering and disappointment. But their confidence in God’s power and sovereignty inspires me to trust him more deeply,” Katie shares joyfully.

The Power of God’s Provision

a family holds photos of their sponsored children

Morgan and Susan began sponsoring children through Compassion very early on in their marriage, although money was often tight. “We started sponsoring our first Compassion child practically as soon as we got back from our honeymoon,” Susan shares. “We felt called to provide for the less fortunate, even though we didn’t have much ourselves. Even in financially difficult times, God always provided for us to keep sponsoring our Compassion kids. Our family motto is ‘You cannot outgive God.’”

After being sponsors for over 10 years, Morgan and Susan felt convicted that God was calling them to adopt. “God works in mysterious ways,” Susan laughs. “We knew from experience the blessings you experience when you open your home and give to those in need. We were stunned when God put a very clear call on our hearts to adopt. We had never considered it. Everyone thought we were nuts because we were a one-income family and already had four children. When I look back, it’s very clear that God worked through Compassion to prepare our hearts for adoption.

“We adopted our son, Todd, from the Philippines in 2008, and after four years of doing foster care, we adopted siblings Eric and Jonaysia. God provided everything we needed, exactly when we needed it. I am still amazed at his provision,” Susan says.

Throughout the adoption process, God worked in Morgan and Susan’s lives in incredible ways.

“Without a doubt, God used Compassion to prepare us for adoption. We always had faith that he would provide for us during the adoption process exactly as he did for our Compassion children,” Susan shares.

Morgan and Susan have been sponsors for over 25 years and continue to see God work in the lives of their family and the lives of their sponsored children.

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