By: Abby Ryckman   |   Posted: July 27, 2023

Have you seen these summery items from our gift catalog? See what reminds you of your own summer fun. Chances are, you’ll relive some memories and find a fun new way of helping children in poverty!

Top 5 Summery Gifts That Help Families in Poverty

Have you seen these summery items from our gift catalog? See what reminds you of your own summer fun. Chances are, you’ll relive some memories and find a fun new way of helping children in poverty!

Written by Abby Ryckman
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What comes to mind when you think of summer? The beach? Mosquitoes? Staying inside to escape the heat? Our summer experiences add up to form individual pictures of the sunny season, often with positive and negative paired together, like swimming and sunburns, camping and dirty clothes. Usually the inconveniences are worth it to enjoy the activities we love most.

But have you ever thought of using those good and bad memories of summer to help children in poverty?

You can!

We put together a short list of items from our gift catalog that are summer-related. Some of these may remind you of the pieces of summer you’d rather go without (like bug bites) while others will bring back treasured memories.

We made this list because we know it can be hard to choose what to give. Having more than a few options can make giving overwhelming. So this way you can have fun and choose a gift with a personal connection! And if you’d rather see all the options? Browse the full gift catalog here!

Soak up the sun (or stay close to the fan) and get inspired to find new ways to give to children in poverty. Who knows ... maybe this will become your new favorite summertime tradition!

Mosquito Nets

How many summer evenings have mosquitoes ruined for you? It’s as if they’re on a mission to annoy us. But for families in extreme poverty, mosquitoes are more than a nuisance — they can be deadly. Mosquitoes carry malaria, the Zika virus and other dangerous diseases. Children who contract these diseases can miss school, seriously harming their educations (and thus their chances to later escape poverty). Their health care can cost far more than a family in poverty can afford. And they could even die.

Child is on bed under mosquito net

The good news is these diseases are preventable and treatable. And your gift of an insecticide-treated mosquito net also comes with training. The family who receives the net will learn how to use it effectively to prevent bites and how to prevent mosquito-breeding areas.

So if you love outdoor activities in the summer but hate the mosquitoes, consider gifting a family (or two!) with a mosquito net to keep them healthy and safe year-round.

Sports Camps

For many families in the U.S., summertime means camp time! Children everywhere love to have fun in the sun and make new friends, and camp is the perfect place for laughter, games and new connections.

By sending a child in poverty to sports camp, you provide them with a fun-filled and meaningful experience. This is so important — because it’s hard for kids in poverty to find the chance to just play.

Children holding up a sign saying I am strong

In poverty, kids often have to grow up too fast as they help their families in the struggle to survive. Even when they do get the chance to just play and be kids, they rarely have a safe environment to cut loose in.

Sports camp is a safe place for children to do that plus learn new skills, build confidence and make friends. They will form cherished memories and build their character and relationships. If your favorite summer memories involve camp, consider giving the gift of sports camp today!

Water Filter

It’s what you crave after mowing the lawn. It’s all around you at the beach. It’s essential to life: Water. Most of us couldn’t imagine going through a summer day without cold, clean water.

Unfortunately, for many children in poverty, clean water is not an option. Many communities are only able to access contaminated water, and as a result, waterborne diseases take the life of a child every 15 seconds.

child in front of water filter with water bottle

By giving a water filter to a family in poverty, you provide them with lifetime access to clean water. This leads to less sickness and more energy for a healthy life! So if crystal clear waters or a soothing sip after a run are some of your best summer memories, consider giving the gift of a water filter!

Vegetable Seeds

You know the sense of pride you feel when you eat a vegetable from your own garden? Families experiencing food insecurity regain that sense of pride when they can grow crops together.

While gardening can be just a fun summer project for many of us, families in poverty often rely on their gardens as their main source of nutrition.

Girl holding vegetables

Your gift provides seeds as well as agricultural training for the families who receive them. This training teaches the family how to have a harvest even during times of drought or famine. Veggies will keep the family nourished and give them an extra source of income as they sell their harvest in the market. If your favorite summer pastime is gardening, consider making this your summertime gift!


Maybe your favorite summertime memories involve enjoying homemade breakfasts of eggs and bacon with family. Or maybe you live near farms and see chickens roaming around on bright summer mornings. If so, give the gift of chickens!

Chickens offer a family living in poverty a steady supply of protein-packed eggs. Hens typically lay an egg a day, so having a flock of chickens will keep a constant supply of eggs for the family. The consistent protein will help children stay full and have plenty of energy for school.

Girl crouching with group of chickens

Families can then sell the surplus eggs, helping to provide for other needs. Chickens also eat insects like mosquitoes and provide droppings for healthier crops. (Plus, they’re pretty cute). So if delicious breakfasts or roosters crowing are part of your summertime, consider gifting chickens to a family in need.

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