children hold up their letters
    Christmas Letter Writing
    3 Helpful Christmas Letter Ideas for This Year

    Christmas may feel far off, but this is the perfect time to start thinking about how to make this Christmas special for your sponsored child. Learn when, why and how to send a Christmas card to your sponsored child this year.

    a group of girls smile at the camera
    Mental Health
    Anxiety and Shalom

    October is National Depression Education and (Mental) Health Screening month. With anxiety and depression ravaging his church and community, Roberto Medrano, Compassion’s Director of Learning and Development of Latin America, wanted to share a personal, biblical reflection to help us confront these challenging times.

    Sasiliya holds her son
    Sri Lanka Survival
    Preventing Maternal Suicide in a Land Healing From War

    Maternal suicide affects women worldwide, but women in poverty are more likely to experience depression. Meet one woman who’s helping save mothers’ lives.

    Celebrating 70 Years of Ministry

    Celebrate 70 years of God working through Compassion with Jimmy and Wess, confetti cannons and all!

    Jinda is standing at the market
    Global Food Crisis
    8 Photos Show Skyrocketing Grocery Prices Around the World

    This eye-opening photo essay shows the exorbitant price increases at grocery stores and markets over the last 12 months, pushing vulnerable families toward hunger, malnutrition and even starvation.

    Zere and her children hold food given by the center
    Ethiopia Global Food Crisis
    "My Kids Would Have Starved": Families Rescued From the Brink

    Two mothers in northern Ethiopia tell their stories of struggle and survival — and the blessings that God has brought their way through the local church and Compassion center.

    a boy smiles while he eats
    Kids’ Favorite Foods Around the World

    We asked children in Compassion’s program to tell us some of their favorite foods to eat. Here’s what they said!

    Gimena and her awards
    Girls Who Are Defying Gender Stereotypes Through STEM

    On Oct. 11, the United Nations observes International Day of the Girl Child. It’s a day for us to dream of and work toward a world where girls are free from gender-based violence, harmful practices, HIV and AIDS, and limited opportunities based on their gender.

    Richard and Lois hold a picture of one of their sponsored children
    Celebrating 48 Years of Sponsorship

    As we look back over 70 years of ministry, we celebrate the men and women that have made it possible—men and women like Richard and Lois. This beautiful couple has dedicated the last 48 years to helping children in poverty through sponsorship. Read how Richard and Lois order their lives around generosity and how they have been impacted in the process.

    Carlos with his sponsors
    Guatemala Alumni Letter Writing
    "Really? That was your favorite thing you ever got from your sponsor?!"

    Read how one Compassion sponsor discovered that sometimes, the most meaningful thing to a sponsored child is the most unexpected. But be warned, you’ll probably never be able to pass up a tacky postcard again.

    Erin and 2 other women stand in front of a "Make Jesus Known" banner
    Join us at the intersection of travel and purpose

    The idea of getting paid to travel, have adventures, and make an eternal impact was irresistible.

    a boy watches his father gather water from a stream
    3 Ways to Fight Inflation Fears

    Inflation continues to soar to record highs, causing strain on our pocketbooks and our peace of mind. Read how one Compassion supporter is facing her financial concerns head on with 3 practical tips.