|   Posted: March 08, 2023

7 Photo Ideas to Snap and Send to Your Sponsored Child

I sat at a patio restaurant table in Cartagena, Colombia, as the last notes of a violin solo evaporated into the air. The final violet rays of sunlight also disappeared as we applauded the recent Compassion program graduate who was now studying music.

I, a brand-new Compassion intern, was amazed at how far he’d come. And as I pondered the transformation, another graduate from across the table, a nurse, cleared her throat.

“Are you a child sponsor?” she asked, smiling and expectant.

“No, I’m not right now,” I said, squirming and gripping the sides of my wooden chair.

“But you want to be someday?” she asked hopefully.

I paused, knowing full well that the answer was no. I was all for changing lives, but the part where you wrote to a child? I wasn’t cut out for that. Other people were gifted with soft hearts that went out to children. I was gifted with a fiery spirit and was frankly somewhat afraid of kids. I would be a bad sponsor. But how could I disappoint those beautiful, expectant eyes who had seen the power of sponsorship firsthand? I gulped, “Yeah, I hope to!”

5 Years Later

God has a way of softening hearts and using fiery spirits. Five years after that conversation, I was not only sponsoring several children but also working at Compassion.

I strove to write my kids regularly, but it still felt like a weight of responsibility. Like I needed to write sermons of encouragement, words that would stick with them their whole lives.

And then I encountered a story that surprised me: A Compassion graduate, when asked about the most memorable letter he received from his sponsor, produced a brief postcard with racoons on it.

As it turns out, kids don’t always need crazy depth and sacred words. Many kids find joy in their sponsors simply thinking of them and sharing experiences, and that sense of being remembered and invited in is what sticks with them.

So now, leaving behind years of stress about being an eloquent letter writer, I often simply send a picture of something I’ve done recently and write a little about it.

If you can relate to my journey of feeling inadequate for letter writing or even just struggling to come up with new ideas of what to say, I want to share seven ideas for photos you can snap and send to your sponsored child. These are simple, low-pressure ways you can express to your kiddo that you think and care about them. And each of these are ideas you can use over and over!

7 Photo Ideas to Share With Your Sponsored Child

1. A Walk Somewhere You’ve Enjoyed

Do you enjoy hiking or even just strolls in local parks? I like to spend time outside, so it’s easy for me to take a quick photo in a local park and send it to my kids, letting them know I enjoyed myself outside and thought of them while doing so. My kids aren’t always very expressive letter writers, but when I sent the photo, one kid said he’d like to visit me and my local trails. He seemed to enjoy seeing a little seeing a snapshot of my world!

2. You and a Loved One Spending Time Together

Did you have fun with a friend this weekend or go on a date with your significant other? Whether you had dinner, went to a basketball game or saw a movie, it’s easy (and maybe already a habit of yours!) to snap a selfie. Send it to your sponsored child with a quick description of what you did and maybe why you enjoy spending time with that person. Your child will enjoy getting to know the people in your life and the things you like to do.

3. Something You’re Proud You Cooked

Do you like to cook? I love experimenting with new recipes and sharing the results. If you’ve made something you really enjoyed recently, odds are you took a picture of it. Snap that Instagram-perfect photo of your finished dish and send it to your sponsored child with a description of what it is and maybe who you made it with. It’s an easy way for you to share parts of your life that may be different than theirs. Odds are that most kids eat food that’s very different from yours!

4. A Beautiful Sunset

If you’re like me, you can’t resist snapping a photo of an especially exquisite sunset, sunrise or even beautiful weather like sunny days or snow. If you take one, send it on to your sponsored child. Share that beauty with them and give them a clearer idea of what your world looks like.

5. A Favorite Spot You Found on a Trip

Do you like traveling to new locations? Whether it’s an hour away or somewhere across the country, I enjoy exploring. And though I prefer to take in beauty rather than see it through a camera, I usually take at least a couple pictures. If you travel to a special spot, snap a picture and share it with your sponsored child. They’ll appreciate that you thought of them when you were somewhere special to you.

6. Something Common in Your Area

I know for a fact that my everyday sites are different than the ones of my sponsored girl in Tanzania. Our worlds just look different! Consider sending a picture of some common things in your area, like wildlife, plants, popular meals or even what your backyard or patio looks like in different seasons.

7. Something You Created

Do you have any hobbies like drawing, crafting or woodworking? If you’ve created something recently, share a photo of it with your sponsored child. They’ll love seeing what you’re up to, and maybe they’ll be inspired to experiment with some talents of their own!

Sharing and Caring

Each of these ideas is simple and attainable, and I hope they’re helpful for you! One note: Be careful not to send anything that can come across as materialistic or showing off your relative wealth compared to what your sponsored child’s situation is. But other than that small caution, enjoy sharing your world with your child, and let these ideas spark curiosity in you to ask and care about your sponsored child’s world!

Share Your World – Send a Letter with a Favorite Photo Today!

a girl holds letters from her sponsor
a girl holds letters from her sponsor