By: Daniela Velasco, Compassion Mexico Photojournalist   |   Posted: December 22, 2022

Thanks to their sponsors’ support, children living in poverty can receive presents that make them feel recognized, valued and loved. Discover the joy that three simple gifts brought to children in Mexico.

My First Warm Blanket

Thanks to their sponsors’ support, children living in poverty can receive presents that make them feel recognized, valued and loved. Discover the joy that three simple gifts brought to children in Mexico.

Written by Daniela Velasco, Compassion Mexico Photojournalist
Camila and her younger sister are wrapped in a blanket

Camila, Meydeline and Eitan live in a picturesque, busy town in Mexico, well known for trade and its big markets. Toward the end of the year, its busy streets begin to fill with lights, colors and Christmas decorations.

In the heart of San Martin is Compassion’s child development center. Staff and volunteers are currently working hard to prepare for this year’s Christmas celebration.

The church and center staff members’ focus during this season is to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and to make children feel loved through the activities and presents. Every Christmas, children light up with smiles when they receive Christmas gifts thanks to their sponsors’ support.

Camila, Meydeline and Eitan share the most meaningful presents they’ve received at Christmastime over the years through the Child Sponsorship Program.

My First Warm Blanket

11- year-old Camila has been part of the Child Sponsorship Program since she was 4 years old. Her mother earns just $7.21 per day. Despite this, she always tries to make Christmas special for her girls and feels very thankful to Compassion’s program for giving useful gifts to Camila.

During the year, the center staff members regularly visit the children’s homes to understand their needs. One year, having noticed that many families had only thin, worn blankets — and knowing winter was fast approaching — staff members decided to gift children with thick, cozy blankets.

Camila still remembers her joy as she opened the package. “That same day they gave me the blanket, I opened it as soon as I got home and used it to sleep at night from that night on,” she said. “I am very grateful to have my first thick and warm blanket.”

My Fashionable Shoes

Meydeline holds a new pair of shoes

One special Christmas, the center decided to give each child a voucher so they could choose their own pair of shoes as their Christmas present. Meydeline’s eyes lit up when she received the voucher. She had been dreaming for weeks of owning a pair of patent leather shoes.

“I felt very happy and grateful for being able to buy a pair of shoes I had been dreaming of!” she said. “I only had my school shoes and the ones I wear when I help my dad taking care of the animals.”

Meydeline takes great care of her patent leather loafers and wears them joyfully every time she goes to church, parties and special events.

My Speedy Sneakers

Eitan is holding a new pair of sneakers

Eitan’s favorite Christmas gift from the center is the pair of blue sneakers he received last year. Like Meydeline, Eitan received a voucher to choose his own pair of shoes. The first thing that came to his mind was a pair of trainers since his old ones were already worn out after many hours of playing soccer.

“I really appreciate how they gave us the freedom to select the shoes we needed and wanted,” said Eitan. “These trainers are also meaningful to me because my little brother also exchanged his voucher for a similar model as mine, and we always wear them on the same day.”

Eitan has put his trainers to work, wearing them to run and ride his bicycle. “Christmas for me means a gift from God, and this is why it is my favorite season of the year,” he said. “I am grateful that our sponsors remember us on this special day.”

Make it a Merry Christmas for Everyone
Children living in extreme poverty are typically excluded from the joy of things we often take for granted. We might expect to receive a present at Christmastime, but children in poverty are lucky to eat that day. The joy of Christmas shouldn’t be just for us. Let’s make it a Merry Christmas for everyONE! Please donate today to ensure every Compassion child receives his or her very own gift.