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    Indonesia Recipe

    Christmas in Indonesia gets even merrier when this pineapple dessert shows up on the table.

    When I Grow Up

    Poverty doesn’t allow children to dream. It can block their perspective on the world. But when children in poverty meet Jesus, their dreams become real and become even better. Thanks to the work of the Church and the generosity of sponsors, children around the world are able to dream and achieve big things. Fuel is being poured into their hearts.

    Gold Medal in Development

    Early childhood development is essential — but in a project in Bolivia, they also made it FUN! See how Compassion staff made things like crawling, building with blocks and finger painting into a fun showcase!

    Colombia Education
    Speaking Against the Lies

    Sharith thought she was stupid until teachers at her Compassion center helped her see the truth.

    El Salvador
    Closer to Her Dream

    Every step of the way, Erika faced challenges to her dream of being a doctor. Her father’s tragic death. Lack of money for school. But she wouldn’t give up — and through the support of Compassion and her sponsor, she doesn’t have to!

    Praying for Children Overcoming Obstacles to Education

    Every child deserves an education. More than 1 in 4 children in developing regions entering primary school will be likely to drop out. About 126 million youths worldwide lack basic literacy skills.

    You made 2019 an amazing year!

    From our staff and sponsored children around the world, we want to say THANK YOU! Your partnership made this an amazing year! We can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2020!

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