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    The Journey Prayer Guide
    Day 14: Gang Violence
    The Journey Prayer Guide
    Day 15: Impoverished Countries
    The Journey Prayer Guide
    Day 23: The Global Church
    Gibson's Legacy

    Every week Gibson faithfully shows up at his church to teach welding skills to children in Compassion’s program. He acts not just as a teacher and instructor but also as a mentor and father figure, believing God has called him to leave a legacy in the next generation.

    A Father Bakes to Provide

    Because of the generosity of Compassion supporters, Jose, a father in Peru, is able to open his very own bakery in the community, nearly tripling his former income as a farmer and helping to provide for his infant daughter, Ariana.

    Restoring a Boy's Childhood

    10-year-old Sujit became responsible for his family's income after his father suffered a crippling stroke. Then a local church intervened and gave Sujit reason to smile again.

    "I'm a Changed Father ..."

    Viateur, father to 16-year-old Claude, was a violent alcoholic before Claude entered the Compassion child sponsorship program. Find out about the transformation Viateur experienced and how peace found its way into the family’s home.

    Five Prayers for Your Kids

    As fathers (or mothers!), our prayers for our kids sometimes turn into monotony as we pray the same things over and over. We want to say more but can’t come up with the words. That’s why we’ve compiled five biblically based devotions to help you pray for your kids!

    The Journey Prayer Guide
    Day 1: Children Who Live in Poverty
    The Journey Prayer Guide
    Day 2: Kids Who Can’t Go to School
    The Journey Prayer Guide
    Day 3: Abused Children
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    Day 4: Orphans