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    a boy holds a sign that says "Loved"
    Colombia Bolivia Bangladesh Faith
    God Is Love: 5 Attributes That Show Us This Truth

    The Bible makes it clear that "God is love" (1 John 4:8). He isn’t just loving, but he is the very definition of love.

    a girl stands with a goat
    Uganda Global Food Crisis Where Most Needed
    What Really Happens When You Give a Goat?

    Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you give a goat to charity? Learn how a Ugandan family’s entire livelihood was transformed by livestock given through the Compassion Gift Catalog.

    Compassion staff wearing a white shirt looks back over her shoulder sitting in a  classroom with a group of children lined up facing a chalk board writing lessons.
    Dominican Republic Kenya Ethiopia Letter Writing Sponsorship
    5 Things Your Sponsored Child’s Center Staff Want You to Know
    Compassion workers around the world share insights that every sponsor should know.
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    Kitchens Around the World: 10 Fascinating Photos

    These 10 fascinating photos of kitchens show the ingenuity, adaptability and diversity of the families who cook and gather in them.

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    Crisis Disaster Relief Food Global Food Crisis Where Most Needed
    5 Reasons the World is Facing a Global Food Crisis

    Our fragile world is facing a global food crisis. As extreme weather and drought collide with the impact of the pandemic, war and rising inflation, more and more people are facing food insecurity. Here’s how we’re mobilizing to meet the need.

    Tivani prays on her bed
    An Answered Prayer

    "For those of you who are still waiting for something, please don’t give up. Don’t stop praying. I prayed for almost five years and God answered my prayers." Tivani, 11, prayed for five years for a Bible of her own, even when she knew her father couldn’t afford it. Learn how God answered her prayers.

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    3 Things Your Sponsored Child Wishes You Knew

    Children in Latin America and the Caribbean share what they wish their sponsors knew and how much their words, prayers and gifts mean to them.

    Being Anxious for Nothing

    Take a look into Compassion President and CEO Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado’s journey with anxiety and how he uses Philippians 4 to guide him toward peace.

    When Hope Spreads: 3 Stories of Transformation
    Meet three inspiring Dominicans whose lives show the power of hope to transform entire communities.
    Poverty Unsponsored Child
    Caring for the Poor: A Biblical Perspective on Child Sponsorship
    Discover the biblical basis for caring for the poor — and how child sponsorship brings those principles to life.
    Child Sponsorship Faith
    The Blessings of Giving: How Sponsoring a Child Can Strengthen Your Faith
    Discover how to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose with child sponsorship.
    El Salvador Disaster Relief
    When Hope Wins: Alexander’s Story
    As a child in El Salvador, Alexander endured many losses — beginning with the death of his father. But the support of his local church and Compassion center gave him hope. Watch this touching video to hear from the remarkable man he is today.