By: Kiah Champion   |   Posted: August 17, 2023

Meet five students in Compassion’s program who are excited to learn this school year!

5 Students Who Are Ready to Learn

Meet five students in Compassion’s program who are excited to learn this school year!

Written by Kiah Champion
Photography by Lina Marcela Alarcón Molina, Piyamary Shinoda, Luke Tembo, Fernando Sinacay, Jehojakim Sangare
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The start of a new school year is always a busy time! In different countries, the back-to-school season can look different as millions of Compassion participants head to school. While many students start school in the fall, students in Thailand go to school from May to March. And students in Peru go to school from April to December. But it doesn’t matter what month they start school. One thing’s for sure: these students love to learn. Let’s get to know five of these excited students!

1. Nawdalerpaw from Thailand

Child sitting on table smiling

Nawdalerpaw, an 8-year-old from Thailand, lives in a remote village where there is no school after grade 4. But thanks to her Compassion center, she can go to school in a nearby village and work toward her dreams of college! She says, “I love to go to school so much because there I can learn many things and be with my friends. I love using my imagination when I read story books at school. I can dream! And I believe that my dreams will come true.”

2. Grace from Malawi

Grace leaning on wall with backpack

Grace, a 4-year-old from Malawi, has a big smile as she puts on her backpack to go to her Compassion center. Because of the local church, Grace is able to attend preschool. Grace’s mom, Halima, says, “We are grateful to the church that our daughter is attending preschool; she symbolizes pride in our home. We could not manage independently as preschools around here require money. Plus, it is not like any other school — they also teach the Word of God.”

3. Fanny from Peru

Fanny sitting on the ground playing with backpack

Fanny, a 7-year-old from Peru, has the resources to go to school because of her Compassion center. She says, “I’d like to be a doctor when I grow up. I like learning new things. I like to color, jump, run and play hide-and-seek with my friends and my brother. I thank my sponsor for all this help. We’re very happy!”

4. Elias from Colombia

Elias laying down writing a letter

Elias, a 12-year-old from Colombia, won’t let learning difficulties get in his way. He struggled to read and write, mixing up some words with others. But thanks to his Compassion center, he’s able to work with a neuropsychologist and a speech therapist, and he’s improved a lot. He says, “I used to feel sad and discouraged for not being able to learn, despite my effort. I used to cry. Nowadays, I feel happy because I have learned to write, read, do homework and how to add and subtract. Teachers at school tell me that I am doing better. I enjoy learning!

5. Reina from Burkina Faso

Reina sitting in front of a chalkboard smiling

Reina, a 19-year-old from Burkina Faso, is studying to become an IT engineer. He’s one of the top students in his country and was awarded the national prize in physics and mathematics. Reina is excited to pursue his dreams in college and says, “I am very thankful to the president of Burkina Faso and to Compassion and the staff at the center for investing in my growth. May God richly provide for all their needs.”

We hope these five students remind you of how impactful your support is, especially because it’s allowing children in poverty to access education! Education is powerful, and it empowers children to break cycles of generational poverty in Jesus’ name. Plus, learning something new is always fun — and these kids are excited to get back to school!

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