By: Kiah Champion   |   Posted: August 17, 2023

Back-to-School is an exciting time! Here’s how to pray for your sponsored child as they start a new chapter.

5 Back-to-School Prayers for Your Sponsored Child

Back-to-School is an exciting time! Here’s how to pray for your sponsored child as they start a new chapter.

Written by Kiah Champion
Photography by Luke Tembo, Juanfer Leon, Galia Oropreza, and Sara Navarro
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The start of a new school year is an exciting time in your sponsored child’s life! While many students in the U.S. start school in the fall, some students in other countries, like Honduras and Brazil, go to school from February to November.

Whenever your sponsored child might start school, it’s a time of year that brings a lot of joy. A new school year is an important milestone that is made possible by your faithfulness and encouragement. It’s also an important time to pray for your sponsored child and their education. Here are five ways you can pray as your sponsored child begins a new school year:

1. Start with gratitude

Thank God for the way he created your sponsored child with unique interests, talents and passions. Praise him that your sponsored child gets to explore and learn about these interests in school. Thank him for the resources and teachers that help your sponsored child to learn and grow.

2. Pray for health and safety

Pray that your sponsored child stays healthy and strong throughout the school year so that they can learn each day. Ask God to look over the health and safety of your sponsored child’s teachers and classmates, too.

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3. Pray for a year filled with learning

Pray that God would instill a love of learning in your sponsored child. Pray that he or she would be excited to go to school every day and would always be learning something new. Ask God that your sponsored child would excel and earn good grades.

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4. Pray for the community

As you pray for your sponsored child, remember to pray for the well-being of their entire community. You can even pray that your sponsored child will be a light in his or her classroom and that he or she might encourage others to learn about the gospel this school year!

5. Pray for the future

As your sponsored child starts a new school year, pray that he or she will be able to continue school and that God will reveal his plans for them. Education is key in releasing children from poverty, so pray that this school year will bring hope and will be a step towards a brighter future for your sponsored child!

Even a quick prayer can make a world of difference for your sponsored child! He or she is encouraged to learn each day because they know that someone is investing in their future and praying for them. Next time you pray, remember to say a prayer for your sponsored child and ask that God would bless his or her school day.

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Write to Your Sponsored Child!

Letter Writing in action!

Send a few encouraging words to your sponsored child and let them know how you’re praying for them this school year.

Letter Writing in action!