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    Ronald Alvarez

    When Ronald’s father was killed, his family was left reeling. But the Compassion staff, along with Ronald’s sponsor, Larry, became a lifeline for the teen, who is now studying to be an engineer.

    Child Sponsorship Compassion Sunday
    Compassion Sunday Helps Me Help More Kids

    “Compassion Sunday is a way for you to put your faith into action.”

    Doreen Namanya

    Raised surrounded by oppression and corruption, Doreen knew from an early age that she had to stand up.

    Dominican Republic
    The Chance to Heal
    A U.S. family sees how their support promoted peace in their sponsored child’s household
    Thailand Education
    Longing to Learn

    When schoolteachers stop showing up for work in a hard-to-reach village, Compassion’s local church partners intervene on children’s behalf.

    Bolivia Child Development
    Unexpected Daughter

    Ten-year-old Nayely announces she’s going to change out of her slip-on flats, then disappears inside her adobe home.

    A Gift of Kindness

    "As of today, I believe that little is enough when given with love."

    Ghana Child Sponsorship
    Georgina: The Trailblazer

    Georgina, a Compassion-assisted student living in Ghana, wants to change how sponsors communicate with the children they sponsor. She’s using her drive and a degree in computer engineering to strengthen the bond between Ghanaian children and their sponsors!

    Thailand Education
    My Teacher, My Advocate

    Children in the Karen tribe in Thailand are inspired to dream about the future.

    Child Development Health Quiz
    Take the "Compassion Mom" Quiz!

    As the sponsor of a toddler, you get to partner with a mom who is doing the hard work of raising a child in a developing country! Take our quiz and learn some of the same lessons mothers of babies in our program are learning!

    Philippines Recipe

    Invite the kids in your life to help make this comforting Asian food, which is similar to chicken soup with rice.

    Honduras Safety
    Soccer — More Than a Game for Children in Poverty

    To battle gang recruitment in one of the most dangerous cities in Honduras, a Compassion center starts a soccer program to keep kids safe. Read how Davwin and Angel, two brothers at the project, have found a place of refuge from the violence of their neighborhood.