By: Brenna Miles. Photos and Interviews by Daniela Velasco.   |   Posted: July 09, 2024

When Alejandra got sick, her options were few, leaving her at the brink of death. But Jesus had more in store for her, including miraculous healing.

Miracle Healing: Alejandra Sees the Light in Her Darkest Hour

When Alejandra got sick, her options were few, leaving her at the brink of death. But Jesus had more in store for her, including miraculous healing.

Written by Brenna Miles. Photos and Interviews by Daniela Velasco.
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“I froze completely when the doctor told me that if we had faith, we should pray because my daughter was in a very critical condition — at the brink of death.”

Norma, the mother of 7-year-old Alejandra, remembers the frightening moment as if it were yesterday. Little Alejandra was seriously ill, and the family was unable to pay for the medical care she so desperately needed.

Alejandra was in her darkest hour. But Jesus had more in store for her, including a miracle healing for her illness. This is her incredible story.

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“I Cannot Keep Going. I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Continue.”

One morning, Alejandra woke up feeling unwell with a low fever. There were no doctors in her community, so her parents gave her some medicine, hoping it would reduce her fever. Unfortunately, by the third day, her fever had increased to 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alejandra fell unconscious.

Fearing the worst, her parents rushed Alejandra to the nearest hospital, two hours from their home. The doctors performed all kinds of tests but could not identify the cause of her fever. To reduce it, nurses began bathing her with cold water and ice and giving her IV medication.

However, Alejandra’s temperature did not lower. Instead, it rose.

More Skilled Care Is Required

Alejandra’s doctor insisted that her parents find a way to transfer her to another hospital with a pediatric specialist on staff. Her illness could be COVID-19, dengue fever or salmonellosis, but they needed more specialized tests the doctors couldn’t perform.

As her parents and doctors wrestled with what to do, Alejandra continued to worsen physically, emotionally and spiritually.

During that day, Alejandra woke up for an instant and told me, ‘Mom, I no longer resist the pain; all my body hurts. I cannot keep going. I’m sorry, but I can’t continue.’ A couple of minutes later, she fell into an unconscious state again.

— Norma, Alejandra’s mom

The Hands and Feet of Jesus Step In

Alejandra needed to be transferred to another nearby city, where there were better medical service options, as soon as possible.

However, it was nearly impossible to find space at a public hospital as almost all the wards were filled. And a private hospital was a luxury that Alejandra’s family couldn’t afford. But Norma knew just what to do: She would call Flor, Alejandra’s Compassion center director.

I called Flor and told her that my daughter was leaving us and that I needed their help as I no longer knew what to do. Flor didn’t hesitate and quickly mobilized to find a place for my daughter at a private hospital.

Flor reached out to the partnership facilitator from Compassion Mexico to secure medical funds for Alejandra’s care in a private hospital. Without Flor and others fulfilling their call as the hands and feet of Jesus, Alejandra may have never received the treatment she needed.

Alejandra’s Family Receives a Diagnosis

After two hours of travel, Alejandra arrived at the hospital with her family. She was unconscious and experiencing arrythmia. Her little body no longer had enough oxygen, so they immediately connected her to an oxygen source.

Doctors conducted test after test, including ultrasounds. Finally, the family had a diagnosis: dengue fever, a disease transmitted through mosquito bites. And the uncontrollable fever had affected her lungs and liver.

Over the next week, Alejandra remained unconscious. She was kept hydrated and fed through an IV. While her family had moments of despair, they had faith that Alejandra would be healed due to the constant prayers and encouragement of the center staff.

The center staff members called us and prayed on the phone for Alejandra and us. Thanks to this, I felt loads of strength in those difficult moments. We realized that even though we are not always faithful to God, He is always faithful to us.

— Alejandra’s father
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Alejandra Experiences a Miraculous Healing

In Alejandra’s darkest hour, when her body was near the brink of death, the Light stepped in.

On a Thursday morning, Alejandra opened her eyes, leaving her unconscious state. She woke up with a ferocious appetite, a smile on her face and a desire to resume her favorite activities.

By the next day, her condition improved tremendously as she began to eat and breathe on her own. And on Saturday, Alejandra told her mother that she was ready to go back home.

Jesus told me that I’m healed now.

— Alejandra

Norma was shocked by her daughter’s confession. She looked at Alejandra and simply responded, “How did Jesus tell you that?” Alejandra smiled brightly as she told her mother, “I met him.”

I saw a very tall man whose face was like the sun. He had long hair, holes in both hands, and was wearing sandals. He took my hands and told me, ‘Alejandra, I am Jesus; I am going to heal you.

— Alejandra

After hearing Jesus’ words, Alejandra had come back from that peaceful place, opened her eyes and felt relief from all her pain — physical, emotional and spiritual.

Little girl stands on a rock near a turquoise lake with her arms outstretched and looking towards the sky.

Alejandra is now fully recovered and continues to grow in strength and faith. While Alejandra’s parents didn’t know what to think at first about Alejandra’s miraculous healing, they slowly began to see that her experience could bring the hope of Jesus to others.

My daughter Alejandra is very special to me; both of my daughters are. I believe God chose one of my daughters to show her all of what she saw and then spread this message to others. We now think that this disease had a larger purpose.

— Norma
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How Poverty Affects Health & What You Can Do About It

Other children living in poverty, just like Alejandra, also have a purpose greater than their circumstances. However, poverty often clouds their vision, leaving them feeling hopeless.

Many children and families can’t access the critical resources they need to thrive, such as simple medical checkups. This leaves them at serious risk of life-threatening illness and disease.

As Jesus’ hands and feet, we’re called to change that.

How can you get started? Compassion works alongside thousands of local churches to ensure children have what they need to journey out of poverty. Through your support, we can provide medical care and other necessities to children in need. And most importantly, we can introduce these precious ones to the light only found in Jesus.

Because, as Alejandra has experienced, even in the darkness of present circumstances, there’s eternal hope in him.

Help Children See the Light in the Darkness

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Provide eternal hope and present support to children living in poverty.

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