|   Posted: January 18, 2023

Meet passionate people who have spoken up and acted boldly on behalf of children living in poverty.

4 Uplifting Stories of Child Advocates

Meet passionate people who have spoken up and acted boldly on behalf of children living in poverty.

Sponsoring a child and giving to help families in poverty are tremendous acts of generosity and passion. But some Compassion supporters take their passion even further by speaking up in their churches.

Here are four uplifting stories of advocates — people who are beautifully living out John the Apostle’s call: “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth” (1 John 3:18, NIV). They have boldly shared about poverty and sponsorship at Compassion Sunday events. Every year, these events are held at churches across the United States, giving church members the chance to live out their faith in a tangible way by sponsoring a child.

We hope these advocates’ experiences inspire you to keep speaking on behalf of children in poverty in your own church, family or workplace.

The Millers

The Millers

On the morning of their Compassion Sunday event, Geoff and Traci were joined both on stage and at their Compassion table by all three of their daughters (with their two young sons providing some adorable moral support).

Like most Compassion Sunday participants, the family attends a smaller church, located in Missouri. It was their church’s first Compassion Sunday event, and they were able to help connect 14 children in poverty with sponsors.

“I explained to our girls that the average number of children sponsored at an event was around four or five,” says Geoff. “We set our goal at 10, and were thrilled that the Lord worked to even exceed that in our little church.”

Having their whole family involved was a way for Geoff and Traci to inspire their church as well as help their children live out their faith with actions and in truth.

Kasey and Evie

Kasey and Evie

Kasey and her daughter, 7-year-old Evie, hosted a Compassion Sunday event at their church in South Carolina. They loved supporting their sponsored child but felt ready to do more. Feeling limited by their finances, they looked for creative ways to advocate for children in poverty — and a Compassion Sunday event was the perfect fit.

“It gave us the opportunity to make a bigger impact than we ever could have on our own,” says Kasey.

Evie felt strongly about being involved and wanted to share about their sponsored child in front of their church. Kasey recalls the moment after her daughter stood on a big stage in front of their friends and family: “I could tell that she held the congregation captive as she read her heartfelt words from the stage.”

Their church family responded in a big way by sponsoring 25 children! “I was so encouraged to see so many people put their faith in action by sponsoring that day,” Kasey says. “It really showed me that we are part of a church that is connected to the heart of God and is serious about being a part of his work in the world.”

Nicole and Noelle

Nicole and Noelle

Nicole was looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of children in poverty in a new and powerful way. So when her pastor said someone could host a Compassion Sunday event at her church, Nicole stepped up to lead it.

“I’m usually a person who says, ‘It doesn’t hurt to just try and see how it goes,’” says Nicole.

It was during the height of the pandemic, when the repercussions of COVID-19 were beginning to push more and more people into poverty around the world.

“I felt this event was a good opportunity to DO something in the midst of this crazy pandemic, to help those who need help the most right now and to encourage our church to join the effort,” Nicole says.

She wasn’t alone in standing up in front of her church. Her 6-year-old daughter, Noelle, joined her in hosting the event. Together they prayed, planned and shared their heart for children in poverty.

Their prayers were answered in a big way. At their Compassion Sunday event and in the weeks after, Nicole and Noelle were able to connect 23 children with new sponsors!

Nicole and Noelle brought hope into the world during an especially difficult time in history.



At just 9 years old, Grace spoke to 300 people at her church, telling them about the girl her family sponsors.

“My family started sponsoring a little girl named Gabriela when she and I were both 3 years old. We have practically grown up together! Gabriela lives in El Salvador and has the biggest heart. So when I hosted my first Compassion Sunday event, I made sure I talked about her during my presentation.”

Thanks to Grace’s bold advocacy, 28 kids were sponsored that year!

“I loved hosting my Compassion Sunday event so much that I decided to do it the next year, and 28 more kids were sponsored. In just two years, I was able to get 56 kids sponsored!” says Grace, now a teenager who continues to advocate for children in poverty.

“Here in America, we are so blessed and live very comfortable lives. Now imagine taking 90% of everything you own away. That’s all that most of these kids have. That’s why I think that we should give to those who have so little.”
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