|   Posted: April 19, 2023

You are Writing Stories of Hope for Children Like Olive

Every story of hope is marked by a dark and difficult beginning — but that’s not where it ends. As children like Olive confront challenges like instability, loss and hunger, your sponsorship provides medical care, nutritional support, education and encouragement so children can overcome the hardships of poverty.

Your sponsorship unites families and caregivers around the world so that, together, we can support one another and provide stability and care to those in frightening and lonely situations.

We recently heard this encouraging report from one mother of a sponsored child in the Dominican Republic:

In the long run, we have experienced many difficulties. In those moments when I felt skeptical about an uncertain future and not knowing how I would lead certain situations, God's grace was infinite and sent the right people from the Compassion program like a heavenly breeze. With God's help, he brought loving people that have been in my life year after year, helping me through moments that I don't think I could have come out of by myself.

This is our shared mission as Christ followers: to help one another so that the most vulnerable among us are seen, known and cared for in the name of Jesus. Because of your powerful partnership, vulnerable children are being equipped every day to live stories of restoration. We are so grateful to serve and advocate alongside you until every child is released from poverty in Jesus’ name.