By: Katy Isaacson   |   Posted: April 06, 2023

Sponsored children are taught about the love of God from day one. But the way Scripture is shared varies among languages and cultures in uniquely beautiful ways. Learn how the Easter story might sound from the perspective of the child you sponsor!

Experience the Joy of Easter Through a Child’s Eyes

Sponsored children are taught about the love of God from day one. But the way Scripture is shared varies among languages and cultures in uniquely beautiful ways. Learn how the Easter story might sound from the perspective of the child you sponsor!

Written by Katy Isaacson
Photography by Ben Adams, Vera Aurima, Nico Benalcazar, Yrahisa Mateo, Galia Oropeza, Rachael Cudjoe-Yevu and Alejandra Zuniga
a boy holds a sign that says "He Is Alive"

You have probably heard that every single Compassion-sponsored child will learn about the love of God at his or her local center or church. But have you ever wondered what that looks like? How do teachers approach sharing the gospel? How the story of Easter is being taught?

One of the beautiful things about the churches Compassion partners with is that no two are the same. Though the truths of the Bible are taught around the world, the lessons each look different based on individual cultures.

Now is your opportunity to learn what and how local churches are actually teaching their children . As you keep reading, you’ll experience what an Easter lesson might look like for many sponsored children around the world.

So, go ahead! Get your imagination rolling and put yourself in the shoes of your sponsored child.

Time for Class

a girl raises her hand in class

It’s a sunny morning. I just finished playing soccer with my friends, and my teacher has called us in for class. This is the time of the day when we learn about the Bible!

I step into my classroom, where the smiling face of my teacher greets me. The walls are covered in Bible verses and colorful artwork. The room feels warm and inviting. I sit down at a table with three of my best friends. We chat about the exciting goal I scored in soccer today until the teacher tells us to quiet down.

“I’m happy because today I get to tell you the happiest story in the whole Bible. Do you know what story I’m talking about?” my teacher asks.

A girl across the room raises her hand.

“Easter!” she says.

Singalong Time

a boy claps his hands

Almost every day we sing a song in class. I love singing! Today we sing about Jesus’ resurrection to the tune of “Here We Go ’Round the Mulberry Bush”:

“Jesus has risen from the dead,
From the dead, from the dead.
Jesus has risen from the dead.
He is alive!
“Will you love Jesus? Yes, we will!
Yes, we will! Yes, we will!
Will you love Jesus? Yes, we will!
He is alive!”

Story Time

a teacher talks to her class

Now I’m ready to hear the lesson. I remember that my teacher said it’s about Easter — I love the Easter story! Our teacher describes Jesus’ death on the cross and His Incredible resurrection.

“But, very early on Sunday morning, three days later, something happened in Jesus’ tomb. The ground began to shake, and a bright angel appeared. The angel rolled away the heavy stone that was in front of the tomb,” she explains.

It’s really powerful to know that Jesus paid for our sins. That story never gets old!

Get Crafty

3 children color Easter eggs

Now it’s my favorite time of class — craft time! Some days at craft time we draw; other days we make jewelry. Today we get to paint with rocks! Our teacher hands us each a small stone and a piece of paper.

“Today you will be making rolling stone paintings,” the teacher says, “to help you remember that Jesus rose from the dead for our sins!”

We dip our stone in paint and roll it around on the piece of paper. It gets pretty messy, but it’s super fun! I use green, blue and yellow paint. I’m happy with how it turned out. Our teacher says that the story of Easter gives us joy and hope, and my painting reminds me of that!

Time To Go

3 girls walk together

Before we go, our teacher reminds us about our Easter lesson. “What do you remember about the story we heard?” she asks. We pass around a cross as we each answer her question. When it’s my turn, I say, “Jesus died for our sins!”

“Before Jesus died and rose again for us, it was like God was on one side of a cliff and we were on the other side of a cliff with a big valley in between,” our teacher says. “The big valley was made because of all the sins or bad things we had all done in our lives.”

She moves to the chalkboard and draws two cliffs with a valley in between.

“Then Jesus came. Because He paid for all of our sins, He built a bridge for us to God.” She draws a cross between the two cliffs. “Jesus saved us and brought us close to God! Let’s pray.”

I still love the story of Easter. I can’t wait to tell it to my family when I get home!

3 children laugh as confetti falls

I hope reading about an Easter class through the eyes of a child gives you a clearer glimpse into Compassion assisted children’s lives. And now that you know what a lesson might look like, please pray that the story of Easter will change the lives of children all around the world.

Pray for Children This Easter

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