Medical Catch-up

You're Helping Restore Lives!

Mother and son walking in a field

So many lives are interrupted by illness, but God is bringing hope and healing through your generosity. You helped save lives by providing 196,498 children and their families with education and care.

Mother and son walking in a field

Your Impact Worldwide

One of the top priorities for Compassion is medical care for children, including malnutrition monitoring, psychological support and medical checkups. No child should have to accept a life of pain or lack of opportunities just because they can’t access basic medical care.

You have helped so many children in Latin America and around the world gain medical access, such as lifesaving surgeries, regular checkups, medications and so much more. Families no longer worry about their children receiving care, and we’re working to offer this freedom and hope to as many families as possible.


Medical treatments
for children and families in desperate need of care.


Therapeutic feeding treatments


Dollars invested
in medical treatments for children in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Smiling boy wearing a firefighter constume

Mercedes lives with her husband and five children in rural western Guatemala. Five years ago, Mercedes noticed serious problems with her 4-month-old Esdras’ eyes and took him immediately to the Compassion center. Compassion staff members accompanied Mercedes on a five-hour bus ride to a child cancer institution, where they received test results diagnosing Esdras with retinoblastoma. This devastating news rocked the family, and Compassion surrounded them with constant financial and emotional support.

Donors like you helped us pay for all testing, lab analysis and medicine, including 27 rounds of chemotherapy over the course of three years. Mercedes never had to worry about a bill, only the health of her child. Esdras later developed a tumor in his eye at age 4 and had to have emergency surgery to remove his right eye, saving the vision in his left. Your support helped pay for this surgery and the prosthetic eye Esdras now uses.

Compassion staff were there for Esdras’ family through every twist and turn. Now 5, Esdras is very excited for the future and dreams of becoming a firefighter and supporting his mother. The center staff describe Esdras as a cheerful, energetic and kind child whose fighting spirit has turned to a passion for helping others.

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