Ministry Expansion

Your Giving is Global!

A woman with 2 children

Your partnership is helping us reach more communities, more families and more children as we expand this ministry together to regions where it’s needed most. You helped us welcome 137,566 new children into the Compassion program, spreading the hope of God.

A woman with 2 children

Your Impact Worldwide

It’s such a wonderful moment of celebration when a child is registered with Compassion! It’s the beginning of real life-change that touches families, communities and even generations to come. Not only that, you’re helping empower local churches with critical resources and stable support to serve their communities one child, one family at a time.

As Compassion continues reaching out to those in poverty, you’re helping us spread hope and God’s love to more children than ever before!


new centers
partnered with local churches between July '22 and March '23


children welcomed
to the Compassion program


children who are currently unsponsored
and receiving full and continuous support

Young boy sitting at a colorful plastic desk

Growing Hope in
Sri Lanka

Pirasanth and his family in northern Sri Lanka faced an economic crisis and rising inflation that meant fewer job opportunities for his father and less income for their family. Living in the jungle, the family did not have a home that was safe for the children to play in. But thanks to your support, Compassion’s expansion has provided Pirasanth with a safe place to play — at the local Compassion center.

Compassion has been growing in Sri Lanka for the last four years. We opened 30 new centers in partnership with local churches in northern Sri Lanka, and we’ve registered over 7,085 precious children — Pirasanth being one of them! Pirasanth now has a table and chair where he can study his lessons and play. And he enjoys new clothes and shoes, all of which weren’t possible without you!

One of the most important gifts you have given this community is the knowledge that Compassion’s support is long term, creating a sense of safety and security. You’re helping thousands of families break the cycle of poverty. There are thousands more children like Pirasanth who are impacted by your donation, who are seeing new futures full of possibilities.

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