Ministry Expansion

Your Giving Helps Us Reach More Children!

A woman speaks to a group of children

Your partnership is helping us reach more communities, more families and more children as together we expand this ministry to regions where it’s needed most. You helped us welcome 74,448 new children into the Compassion program this past year, spreading the hope of God.

A woman speaks to a group of children

Your Impact Worldwide

You're empowering local churches with critical resources and stable support to serve more children and families. It’s such a wonderful moment of celebration when a child is registered with Compassion! It’s the beginning of a brighter future for them that touches families, communities and even generations to come.

As Compassion continues reaching out to those in poverty, you’re helping us spread hope and God’s love to more children than ever before!


New centers
opened in partnership with local churches this year.


New children welcomed
this year to the Compassion program.


Unsponsored children
currently receiving full support while they wait for a sponsor.

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Reaching Taebone, Indonesia With
the Hope of Christ

“The church has to reach beyond the altar.” That’s Fran’s mission. He’s the pastor of a church in Taebone, a rural Indonesian village. Resources are scarce. So is hope.

The local church is the greatest hope for children in poverty. It’s the Body of Christ in out-of-the-way places like Taebone. And where Christ is present, so is hope.

Fran knew for years that Compassion could make a tremendous difference in Taebone. So he saw it as a miracle when Compassion opened a center in his church. And after just a few short months, 100 students are now registered in the program. Fran is working with his Compassion partnership facilitator to identify the community’s most urgent needs.

In addition to meeting specific community needs, Compassion provides a baseline program for each registered child involving medical care, education, child safety protocols, removal of obstacles hindering development and more. But above all, every child in the program hears the good news of what Christ did for them on the cross.

Ending poverty always begins with hope. And because of givers like you, the light of Christ’s hope is shining in places like Taebone. You’ve helped lay the groundwork for years of gospel work in the places that need it most.

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