Ministry Impact

Your Giving is Changing the World

Boys smiling for the camera
Thank you for investing in hope for so many children! Your choice to give is creating a ripple effect of positive change, starting with each child and expanding to family and community members.
Boys smiling for the camera

Your support is helping new babies grow to celebrate their first birthdays. You are funding medical procedures so children can walk and see. You are enabling Compassion to feed children across the world, returning smiles to their faces.

This is just the beginning as, together, we join God in helping more children break the shackles of poverty and build thriving, purposeful futures. Children have been given hope. Their stories do not end there. As each recipient of this ministry grows up, they will pass on the hope they received to others, and your ministry will impact every corner of the world. Releasing children from poverty happens every day, and you are a part of that change.

Thank you for your support!

You should see the look in a child’s eyes when they realize God’s purpose and plan for them is possible. It’s beyond priceless! And it’s possible because of you. With your partnership, we’re making huge progress in five distinct priorities. There are many triumphs to celebrate, so on the following links, we've highlighted just a few stories that capture the profound effect of your generosity!

Global Food Crisis

With your help, we’re providing life-saving resources and food to those affected by the global food crisis, spreading hope through meals across the world. You helped provide vital nutrition and restore food security for 319,397 households.

Three women carrying food
Baby & Mom Survival

Hope comes shining through you and other members of the Compassion family to make sure mothers continue holding their precious children. You helped end malnutrition for 38,760 babies by providing support during the critical first year.

Mom and baby smiling together.
Ministry Expansion

Your partnership is helping us reach more communities, more families and more children as we expand this ministry together to regions where it’s needed most. You helped us welcome 137,566 new children into the Compassion program, spreading the hope of God.

A woman with 2 children
Medical Catch-Up

So many lives are interrupted by illness, but God is bringing hope and healing through your generosity. You helped save lives by providing 196,498 children and their families with education and care.

Mother and son walking in a field
Youth Livelihood

Compassion recognizes the potential in every child we serve, and our commitment to helping youths discover their talents only grows as they enter adulthood. You helped empower more than 7,800 youths with vocational skills so they can achieve their God-given dreams.

Portrait of a young woman in front of a yellow wall