Ministry Impact

Your Giving Is Changing the World

A girl smiling for the camera
Thank you for investing in hope for so many children! Your choice to give is creating a ripple effect of positive change that starts with each child and expands to their families and community members.
A girl smiling for the camera

Your support is helping new babies grow to celebrate their first birthdays. You're enabling partner churches to feed children across the world, helping them develop healthy and strong bodies. And you’re helping this ministry to grow to serve more children who need the hope of Christ in their lives.

This is just the beginning as, together, we join God in helping more children break the shackles of poverty and build thriving, purposeful futures. Children have been given hope, but their stories do not end there. As each recipient of this ministry grows up, they will pass on the hope they received to others and your ministry will reach every corner of the world. The work of releasing children from poverty is happening every day, and you are a part of that change.

Thank you for your support!

You should see the look in a child’s eyes when they realize God’s purpose and plan for them is possible. It’s beyond priceless! And it’s possible because of you. With your partnership, we’re making huge progress in three distinct ministry priorities. There are many triumphs to celebrate, so on the following links, we've highlighted just a few stories that capture the profound effect of your generosity!

Global Food Crisis

Through your support, our church partners are providing nutritious meals and resources to produce food to those suffering from the global food crisis. We thank God that, with your help, vulnerable communities around the world have access to lifesaving relief and long-term resiliency initiatives to overcome this extraordinary crisis.

You helped provide vital nutrition and restore food security for over 2.4 million children and their family members over the past two years.

A woman holds a bag wearing a yellow raincoat
Baby & Mom Survival

You and other members of the Compassion family are ensuring mothers hold their precious children instead of burying them. You helped provide lifesaving care to 56,967 moms and babies by providing support during the critical first year.

Mom and baby smiling together.
Ministry Expansion

Your partnership is helping us reach more communities, more families and more children as together we expand this ministry to regions where it’s needed most. You helped us welcome 74,448 new children into the Compassion program this past year, spreading the hope of God.

A woman speaks to a group of children