Global Food Crisis

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A woman holds a bag wearing a yellow raincoat

Through your support, our church partners are providing nutritious meals and resources to produce food to those suffering from the global food crisis. We thank God that, with your help, vulnerable communities around the world have access to lifesaving relief and long-term resiliency initiatives to overcome this extraordinary crisis.

You helped provide vital nutrition and restore food security for over 2.4 million children and their family members over the past two years.

A woman holds a bag wearing a yellow raincoat

Your Impact Worldwide

Because of your generous support, thousands of local church partners are now able to offer food and hope to their neighbors affected by the global food crisis. And that hope will last for years to come.

In the past two years, you’ve empowered our church partners to bring hope and joy back into thousands of children’s lives.


received emergency food relief.


individuals benefited
from food resiliency initiatives.


Local churches
provided emergency relief and sustainable solutions to communities facing crisis.

Young boy holding a watering can

Water Is Filling Their Stomachs With Food

Hunger continues to rise in Burkina Faso. The causes are complex and vary from community to community. Factors such as rising prices, extreme weather and conflict all play a role.

But for Fabrice, all his hunger came back to one thing: water scarcity.

There was only one water pump for every man, woman, child and animal in his whole village. Without water, crops didn’t grow during the long dry season. And in a community where 90.4% of the population endures poverty, soaring food prices took buying food off the table.

But givers like you have equipped churches to meet these urgent needs.

For Fabrice, that meant his local Compassion center provided a solar-powered borehole.

It draws clean water deep from the earth. To alleviate the community’s food crisis, the Compassion center uses it to run a garden. Locals are learning how to grow food to feed their families. They have a food source that’s in their control, safe from inflation, drought and even instability.

Because of supporters like you, what once was parched ground is now green and life-giving to a whole community.

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