Baby & Mom Survival

You are Making an Impact!

Mom and baby smiling together.

Hope comes shining through you and other members of the Compassion family to make sure mothers continue holding their precious children. You helped end malnutrition for 38,760 babies by providing support during the critical first year.

Mom and baby smiling together.

Your Impact Worldwide

One of the biggest fears for mothers is malnutrition, which impacts 20% of babies in the Compassion program. However, the life-changing education and resources provided through the Survival program are now reaching more children than ever before. Survival offers a three-part program: providing for basic needs and nutrition, medical care and checkups and ongoing support and love.


babies protected
from devastating malnutrition within their first year of life


mothers supported
through life-saving resources and health education


new survival centers
providing relief and education to their communities

People posing with bags of food

Saving Felicite

The day that Felicite was born, her mother Lucienne was filled with blissful joy. However, that excitement soon turned to fear as Lucienne realized she was unable to breastfeed her child. A week later, desperate to feed Felicite, Lucienne went to her local Compassion center in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The center immediately got to work, giving Lucienne a checkup while providing Felicite with lifesaving fortified milk. Through your support, Compassion paid for Lucienne’s medical bills and medicine and made sure her child was taken care of while she was healing. We are so joyful to report that after Felicite left our center, she continued growing and has officially overcome malnutrition and reached a healthy weight!

Survival offers moms and babies abundant water, healthy food, vitamins, milk and baby care supplies. Also, pre/post-natal care ensures healthy growth and prevents malnutrition and life-altering diseases that affect children under the age of 5. Moms are also invited into a community of support and love that offers Christian-centered education and parenting workshops.

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