Baby & Mom Survival

You Are Making an Impact!

Mom and baby smiling together.

You and other members of the Compassion family are ensuring mothers hold their precious children instead of burying them. You helped provide lifesaving care to 56,967 moms and babies by providing support during the critical first year.

Mom and baby smiling together.

Your Impact Worldwide

One of the biggest fears of mothers is their children facing malnutrition, which impacts 20% of babies who enter the Compassion program. However, the life-changing education and resources provided through the Survival initiatives implemented by our church partners are now reaching more children than ever before. This critical programming offers parenting classes, income generation opportunities, advocacy work, nutrition supplementation, medical care, checkups, and ongoing support and love.


Babies protected
from devastating malnutrition within their first year of life.


Pregnant mothers supported
through lifesaving resources and health education.


New survival centers
opened to provide care in their communities.

smiling Mom holding a smiling child

Becoming Whole As a Mom — and Child of God

Women and babies with disabilities are often cast to the edge of society and forgotten in Togo, Africa, with no income or access to medical care.

Denise was born with just four fingers: her pinkie and thumb on each hand. Her father immediately rejected her and abandoned the family. As she grew up, everyone mocked her disability. The shame was so great that she could barely talk to others. She thought of herself as less than human.

Not even her marriage to Claude, a shoemaker, could heal her heart. And when they had a baby, the shame of her situation grew even worse as they struggled to provide for their little one.

Desperate, she reached out to her local church for support, though she didn’t expect much help. To her surprise, they welcomed her with open arms. The Survival center staff saw something that no one else did — that she was a precious child of God just as much as her baby. They began providing her with supplements, nutritious food, supplies and medical checkups for her and her baby.

Now, she and her baby are thriving as she becomes the mother God created her to be. And it’s because you and others like you chose to be the hands and feet of Christ to babies and moms in poverty.

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