Lorie Lee

Topics: Author, Children's Ministry, Church Engagement, Church Partnerships, Compassion's History, Holistic Child Development, Leadership, Parenting, Women's Ministry

Lorie is passionate about the local church and its calling to be the salt and light of the world. She believes that the work of Compassion is a strategic tool that the Church can utilize in their calling to be a beacon of light in their community.

Gerald Lorenzo

Topics: Children's Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Leadership Development, Marriage & Family, Youth and Young Adults

Compassion Alumni from: Dominican Republic

Gerald enjoys speaking about serving others, expanding the Kingdom of God, developing strong leaders, and growing ideas into business.

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Gilbert Mfitundinda

Topics: Child Advocacy, Child Sponsorship, Children's Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Education, Highly Vulnerable Children, Leadership Development, Poverty, Youth and Young Adults

Compassion Alumni from: Uganda

Gilbert speaks about the life-changing power of love, the plight of vulnerable children, effective solutions to poverty, excellence and servanthood in leadership, and turning selfishness into selflessness.

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Nikol Morrison

Topics: Children's Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Evangelism and Discipleship

Compassion Alumni from: Ecuador

Nikol speaks about God as our good Father, His heart for the nations, His great love for His children, and how He crafts beauty from ashes.

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Benjamin Nuñez

Topics: Child Labor, Children's Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Poverty

Compassion Alumni from: Dominican Republic

Benjamin is passionate about community development and advocacy for at-risk populations and loves to speak to and inspire church congregations and college students.

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