Nikol Morrison

Topics: Children's Ministry, Compassion Alumni, Evangelism and Discipleship

Nikol Morrison

Passionate about evangelism, discipleship, and children’s ministry, Nikol Morrison has a true missionary heart. She lives in Johnson City, Tennessee, with her husband, David, and together they serve with Ardeo Global Missions.

Raised in Ecuador by a single mother, Nikol learned that while her father had abandoned her, God never would. His grace and provision came through her sponsorship into Compassion’s Child Development Program at a local church. The support she and her family received changed everything.

After high school, Nikol studied clinical psychology at Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo in Riobamba, Ecuador, and began theology studies at Seminario Nazareno Sudamericano in Quito, Ecuador.

Nikol is an energetic and engaging communicator who loves to inspire, teach, and encourage others. She speaks often about God as our good Father, His heart for the nations, His great love for His children, and how He crafts beauty from ashes.