Edouard Lassegue

Topics: Church Partnerships, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Holistic Child Development

Edouard Lassegue
Expertise: Holistic Child Development, Church Partnerships, Cross-Cultural Ministry

Edouard Lassegue has served in ministry with Compassion for over 20 years. As Vice President of the Latin American Region, he remains inspired by how ministry with children can revitalize the church, even in areas of great conflict.

Lorie Lee

Topics: Author, Children's Ministry, Church Engagement, Church Partnerships, Compassion's History, Holistic Child Development, Leadership, Parenting, Women's Ministry

Lorie is passionate about the local church and its calling to be the salt and light of the world. She believes that the work of Compassion is a strategic tool that the Church can utilize in their calling to be a beacon of light in their community.